Thursday, December 27, 2007

Selfish and Inconsiderate Act

I don't believe it.

After years and years of public education on civil mindedness, selfish morons still exsist in Singapore !!! I was rushing to go out on Wednesday and this is what I saw at the lift lobby!!!

Some morons dumped their unwanted bulky bed frame at the lift lobby. So dumb that they don't know it is wrong for them to just leave the bulky items there when those should be moved to the disposable area at ground floor ! Those selfish morons must have been too free that they think it is funny to block the lift entrance with the wooden board and tried to hold it in place using the rest of the bed frame.

Fuming mad...I think this is a joke that went too far. How can they be so inconsiderate? Not only will it bring inconvenient to residents, their act might also hurt innocent by-passers. What if the lift door opened up and the wooden board slipped through the door and slammed into people inside? Those innocent people could get hurt seriously!!! I have never encountered such problems with my neighbours before and they are mostly considerate people, so I don't know who could have done such thing.

In the end, I called the cleaner hotline to get people to move those bulky items away. I had also wanted to make a complaint to the relevant authority (think they can't do much too), but my mum says I should not be a busybody. . .

Sometimes, I wondered is it because a lot of us wanted to be "nice" and are also too timid to speak up that those selfish people think they will get away with everything and become bolder. They do more nasty things since no one would dare to speak up against them. Angry!


Hari Krismas

Christmas decoration at JB Shopping Centre.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My Favourite Christmas Tree @ Central

Tis the Season of Angels and Scrooge

My office's Kris Kringle game ended on a happy note, well at least for most of us. I am very very glad that my mortal like my gift and that really made my day. Actually, I am more concerned about her liking my gift than worrying about what I am going to receive from my angel. In fact, that has not really cross my mind until the very last moment.

Most 'angels' are responsible enough to get things that their mortal would really like or useful to them. Like my angel for example went all the trouble to wrap my gift nicely and even made a big card inscripted with my name in gold. I was so happy when I saw it and honestly was even a little proud to see my gift stands out from the rest. There is also another angel who thinks that her mortal should join her in heaven, thus brough her an instructional manual on how to become a goddess. (so cute) Overall, accessories were the favourite gifts and there are a few other things as well.

The Kris Kringle game to me and many others is not just a game where you just anyhow buy anything for the sake of exchanging. It is more than just a game. It is an extention of the spirit of Christmas and friendship. The spirit of giving to make someone happy and feel special on Christmas day, but most importantly building on your friendship.

Of course among all the angels, there will always be a scrooge, who took the Kris Kringle thingy as... I don't know what it meant to her. Seriously, it is not the present that matters but the thoughts that counts, but I just can't even see the thoughts in her present. Let's not talk about her gift being under-budget, I think maybe she bought it from a shop who over-charged her. I would also assume that she did make an effort to chose something whom she thought which is the nicest looking one and that her mortal will like it. I mean that shop must have such good business that it left with that colour and silmy green, so she has actually quite "good" taste to chose that colour over silmy green. Then, somehow at the gift wrapping counter, there is no scissors, so the person had to use the whole big piece of wrapping paper to wrap that small thing and ended up looking like a poh piah... and unfortunate incidents did not just end there. While writing the card, her marker runs out of ink just when she was going to sign off, so she did not manage to leave her name. Tsk tsk...

Well, you can say that I have a biased opnion about her and I might have twisted her good intention, but then it is not only me who thought of her that way. I am just being frank. Thanks to her, she ruined someone else's Kris Kringle mood and shut the door of friendship which people opened up to her... So much for being game enough...

I just hope her mortal/my angel will not be affected by it and that she will have a very Happy Christmas day in return.

Sings " Although it's been say many times, many ways, Merry Christmas ~ To ~ You~~! "

Merry Christmas everyone and have a Good Year ahead !!!


Monday, December 24, 2007

More Christmas Lights @ Bugis

Took the following picture when I was at Bugis last Sunday to do last minute shopping for my mortal. People here and People there, and what else but more people. There was nice lights around there as well, so of course photosophize has to take pictures.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Found it, but will she like it?

I managed to find something that she might like, or rather will she like it? It doesn't rank high on my practical list and it doesn't looked like it cost that much... Think I am finished. I better go Bugis tomorrow to take one last look...

Can't I just have a peaceful Christmas?


Saturday, December 22, 2007







1。 蕃薯/地瓜口味的皮和陷

1。 浓浓巧克力的沾酱
3.Strawberries or Cranberries Sauce etc
4. Bake it with Cheese

Stressful Christmas Shopping

Speaker churning :"You better watch out, you better not cry, you better watch out, I am telling you why, Santa Claus is coming to town ~!"

Big bold signages screaming: "SALE", "20% off storewide", "Free gifts with every $100 purchases" etc

Stacks and never ending stacks of nice-looking but impractical mugs, stationery holders and photo frames ...

All these concoctions seems to be driving people into a buying frenzy. Every corner I turned to, there are crowds buying something. As if they didn't buy that, they are going to lose big or there must be someone they can give that photo frame or mug to. Thanks to the Kris Kriggle game that we had in office, I am also out there pushing and shoving with all those people. To make matter worse, I couldn't make up my mind what to buy for my mortal. I think it is only me, everyone else seems to know what to buy for their mortal. Feeling kind of stress now.

To me, gifts are more than being practical and within the budget. I do hope/want people receiving my gift to really like it and will find it useful too. Even when the person that you are buying for is not someone you know well, you have a responsibility to get something that he/she will like it. However, I think it is even more stressful to get something for someone you know well. When saw the name, I started to panic and start to doubt about how well I really know the person. I am so worried that my gift will disappoint her.

So the whole of yesterday, I combed the whole of Plaza Singapura and Orchard for that special something, but didn't manage to find it. I feel so tired after all the walking ... Think I am losing weight too. No, no... Tired is an understatement, should be exhausted, both mentally and physically. My shoulders aching carrying my heavy bag around and feet sored after hours of standing and walking. It is much more strenuous my nightly one hour walking exercise. Now I know why most of the ladies never get fat. They shopped like this everyday non-stop. It is no wonder all of them are slim. If I do this more frequently, I would probably looked healthier too.

10 pm and still nothing on hand, tireness weigh in. I thought of givng up by buying her the huge pony I found at Carrefour, thinking that it is cost $12.90 and looked very worth the price and just went home. On second thought think it is not very portable and after the laughs, I realised that it cost $69.90... Had a scare and quickly shove it back into the crate.

Ps. Whoever suppose to buy me gift, just get me tiger balm stickers. I will be needing it very soon since I have another 2 days of strenuous shopping to do...


I'm Dreaming of a Bright Christmas ~!

Every year for Christmas, Orchard will be lited with bright and colourful lightings. It has become an annual affair and almost like a tradition to lit up during the holiday season. You can don't have a christmas tree outside your building, but you must have lights. The more the better it seems. It is almost like magical when walking down the streets with bright light shimmering above your head like stars, cold wind blowing on your face and christmas carol singing in the background. Who cares about white christmas with scenery like this?

Friday, December 21, 2007

Fresh Pasta

Went to library last Saturday and I found a lot of Jamie Oliver cook book. I borrowed some of them, hoping to try out some of his recipes. So while on leave last week, I managed to try out his recipe for making fresh pasta.

My first taste of fresh pasta was at Pasta Frasca. They were very good, very chewy unlike what I had before. I just love them! However the standard of Suntec City's outlet kept dropping until eventually it closed down. Anyway, since then I have been wanting to try to make fresh pasta like pasta frasca.

It was not as easy as I thought to be. I tried out several times before this and could never suceed as the dough was never kneeled properly or cut out evenly. Also, the dough would taste weird. Then, while shopping at JB's Giant, I chanced upon pasta machine on sale. One cost about $20 sing dollars which is cheaper than Singapore's, so I brought it.

Jamie Oliver Says:

Every 100g of tip00/cake flour or plain flour, use one egg. 200g of flour can feed about 3 -4 people.

To use tip00 flour or cake flour is so that the pasta will be silky soft and smooth. I used cake flour which cost more ($3 from NTUC) than normal plain flour.


Place the measure flour in a bowl or smooth marble or wood surface table. Make a well in the middle and crack in the eggs. Mix them until all the flour are covered with eggs.

Depending on the humidity of your kitchen, you might need more flour than stated to form the dough.

Kneel the mess with more flour if needed to form a dough. It will be ready when the dough surface is smooth and will not stick to your hand.

Dough when ready should be smooth and will not stick to your hand

Leave it to rest for at least half an hour before flatten it out to make pasta.

After resting, divide the dough into parts so that it will be easier to feed through the pasta maker.

The Pasta

As they are rolled out quite thinly, they should take about 3-5 mins to cook. My fresh pasta looked like this:

Honestly, it looked a bit like "instant noodles" noodles and tasted like the very springy kind of noodles, but nothing like fresh pasta. I guess I must have kneel it too much. Anyway, at least it is edible and taste very much like noodles. Will go look for more fresh pasta recipes. . .

Noodles anyone?

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Organicafe Xperience - Good !

When mentioned of organic food, what will come to your mind? Some of us will probably think of "healthy, unpolished, tough and over-priced rabbit food". I will not blame them as organic food and ingredients are not that readily available and popular locally as in other countries. Also, the price of organic stuff are indeed more expensive than those commercial farms produced stuff.

So, imagine the surprise I had when colleague mentioned that the food at Organicafe Xperience is good and quite value for money. I thought to myself "Really meh? Set Lunch with soup, drink, main course and desert cost $14.90 ++? Wah..." Usually, set lunch around 20 dollars only comes with either soup or drink, drink or desert, so where got all of it with that money? But it is really so at Organicafe Xperience.

First of all, as I have mentioned their set lunch is really quite value for money. That why their cafe is often packed during lunch time. You might not be able to find a seat if you are there really late. All of their food ingredients are organic-grown except meats, perhaps due to the fact that organic meat are not easy to find in Singapore. Also, if they really used those meats, think the price of the set lunch will definately go up much more.

However, don't get me wrong, the standard and quality of their food is quite high! The portion is quite generous and in fact filling enough to substain me till dinner time (that impressive already). I especially appreicate that they served food on heated plates so that it stay warm for a longer period of time. A lot of western food are served lukewarm or cold (I don't know what they do in the kitchen) and that put me off. I usually do not like the vegetables sides like brocoli and carrots which taste sloggy and frankly no taste at all, but theirs' taste quite good. Their carrots has much more flavour and is very sweet!!! Definately because it is organic-grown.

Let's just put aside that they are an organic cafe, but the food they served can easily rival any restaurants. They looked and tasted very good. Doesn't really remind me of rabbit food of any sorts. I love their set lunch's carrot cream soup most. It tasted like home-made soup than those canned oily stuff. Even though it is a cream soup, but it taste quite light. Our favourite set lunch main course is their grilled chicken steak.

Don't want to explain futher, just take a look at the picture below and you will know why.

Juicy and tender chicken fillets stacked high with potatoes wedges and veges.

We also tried the following ala carte main courses which are also good. I like them stacking the food high high, which asthetically looked very nice.

Verdict: Good food not because of the taste, but for some of the organic-grown ingredients they used which is really good for our body! Set lunch is value for money and portion is no way french, but generous enough. Must try !!!

Organicafe Xperience can be found at Novena/Velocity, next to Mos burger, opp Spinelli.

Read also:

Cloudmuse's review on their food (especially the tasty carrot cream soup). :P

Monday, December 17, 2007

All I want for Chirstmas is You... !

Without you, I will never smile again. Never.

My gums started to swollen again. So, went to see dentist, but a new one as I don't think I can fix an appointment so soon with my previous dentist.

But curse the new dentist, don't think I will go back again. He just basically rush things off, so that he can go off on time. In my opnion, I don't think he did a thorough job. Worse, I was told to reach there at 11.20 pm, but I only get to see the doctor at 12.20 pm. Angry. Why did they ask me to reach so early? What is the point of making at appointment then? Don't think I will go back to NTUC denticare ever. The charges is not cheap either, more expensive than Tan Tock Seng's in fact. Very bad impression of them.

My previous dentist was recommended by my friend. He is Dr Chong from Q&M. I heard he was quite famous and honestly he is good. However, as a "famed" dentist, appointment had to be made very early and treatments are not cheap. He dignosis that I have gum problems and I can't really fix the gap until the gum healed. He recommended to do root treatment first. After the treatment, I asked how we can fixed the gap, he said to better extract the teeth since they were not stable anymore, which I will never agree, so I went off to seek second opnion at Tan Tock Seng.

There, the dentist commented that my previous dentist did a very meticulous job for the root treatment and my gums were healing. (See, he is good...)Tan Tock Seng said I can either see their specialist for further consultation. For normal cleaning, he said I can chose to go back to Dr Chong or him. Don't they want my business? I do not know what to do, so didn't think about it until recently with the swollen gums again.

To remove or not?

I tried to fix the gap, but it can't be resolved so easily. I don't want to live with dentures at such a young age. I don't think I can take it. Worst, I have to prepare to spend my saving on it again. Honestly, I feel that I have better use for that money than on my teeth.

Last try, I will go polyclinic to get a refer letter to Alexendra Hospital. If they cannot fix it, I don't know what I will do. . .

What is root treatment?

Normally, when doing scalling, dentist would use the drill like equipment to remove harden plague between the gap of your teeth or on the edge of your gums. When doing root treatment, that instrument would probe deeper into your gums to dug out dirt hidden there. Sound painful? Of course, Dr Chong told me that he would locally anesthetized the affected area first, but what he didn't say is that I have to take 32 shots of anesthesia!

Is not like BCG where the needles only stop at the skin surface, in fact the needles has to be inserted quite deeply into the gums. For me, it was at the gums above your front teeth, the roof of your mouth etc. If you ever extracted teeth before you will know the pain, but 10 times more as it was positioned at my front teeth where there are a lot nerves. I cried everytime for the treatment.

After treatment, the gums would take days to heal. You can see blood masses on the teeth. Eating was difficult as everything is coated with blood. For info, that treatment is not cheap. I almost depleted my savings doing it.

Sunday, December 9, 2007


很久以前从杂志上看到souffles,觉得它蓬蓬的,长得好可爱,好想尝尝看。终于 在Bakerzin吃到了,记得当时的我好开心,而且好喜欢那甜点。 上个月我又回去那里,叫了一直很怀念的Souffles,结果味道不同了。怎么会这样呢?是我变了吗?




再来就是不太会说话的我,很在意自己是否说错话了,还是回答别人的问题笨笨的。 我也不知道为什么说话不会聪明些,讨喜些,或许就不会一直被人误会。 可惜,我真的就是没那方面的天份。很多时候,人与人之间的沟通都是印象再搞鬼。你对某人有很好的印象,就算那人说的话无理,你都会买账。我真希望人与人之间不需要说那么多话,最好没有偏见,没有第一印象作怪那该多好?

几时我才可以完完全全适应“大人们的世界”和接纳“自己已经是大人所以说话要聪明和有深度些”呢? 说真的,每个人都顺从别人的意见,而隐藏自己的想法,那有多可悲?你确定那人要认识的是你吗,还是他想像中的你?

"别太认真,别太执着, 乱说的话怎么可以当真 - 难道我是神?"
歌曲 "一人分饰两角" 的词

Saturday, December 8, 2007


近几年的金马似乎都是由东风台主办,但今年意外的由新手-卫视电影台主办。姜果然还是老的辣,东风平时在主办金曲,金钟和金马所以经验非常丰富。我看着卫视的节目,就发现他们犯了经验不足的错误。首先是嘉宾的椅子上都贴着白纸黑字斗大的名字。嘉宾们都没有老花到那么严重吧,需要那么大的字体吗?那些斗大字从 电视上看很碍眼,非常的不雅观,尤其节目到一半,镜头带到空荡荡的座位上,你几乎都可以知道汤唯或许去补妆了,还是王力宏到后台准备搬奖等等。。。Reminder to self - shall never stick big big names on chairs for VIP if I ever organise event...

再来前几排的嘉宾椅子都看起来很寒酸- 都是折凳。就算不顾他们是大明星和嘉宾,也要顾及场面吧。金马奖可是亚洲的奥斯卡奖,这么隆重的场面怎么可以出现折凳呢?还说什么全世界联播,好了全世界都在看笑话了。我觉得就算没办法用折凳至少也加块椅套看起来也会美观些吧?



全程的搬奖礼上,我最喜欢李安和吴君如那段。吴君如真的炒热了气氛。 她说李安是个非常压抑的人 (像色。戒的易先生),问他是否会摆出可爱的表情。见李安尴尬的笑容,她举例要李安示出怎么样哄太太开心的表情。很配合制造笑果的李安,立刻湎腆的摆出一个表情,大家立刻捧腹大笑。吴君如再要他摆出生气的样子,然而李安也给了同样的表情,十分滑稽。吴君如再问哄生气的太太开心的样子呢?他还是那个表情,果然好忧郁。最后,李安比起胜利的手势,摆在脸庞装出可爱笑容,逗得大家很开心。









Sunday, December 2, 2007

Penyet Craze

Beware Hainanese chicken rice, you have a challenger! Mind you, they are hot and fierce~! They can "penyet" (smash) you anytime !!! I am talking about Ayam Penyet, the Indonesian Fried Chicken Rice. So, just chicken rice what, what is the smashing here and there about? Well, just before serving, they will smash the crispy fried chicken pieces so that it will be more tender.

I am not sure if they have been here in Singapore for a very long time. I only came to know about this kind of chicken rice this year. The first time I had it was at Hong Lim Food Centre. Ok, actually, don't really remember if it was Hong Lim, just this hawker centre at CBD, can't really remember the place. :P Anyway, I saw a lot people eating this fried chicken rice served in a wooden bowl. The chicken pieces looked big though, so hungry me practically walked all over the hawker centre trying to locate the stall.

In the end, I managed to find it at an ordinary looking Malay stall. See below. It cost $3.50, still reasonable. The taste was not really good. I mean the chicken has not much flavour and the sauce is peanuty and rich. I think it is a bit too much to accompany the oily fried chicken. So it is really disappointing. . . Then

One such stall opened at Novena Sq selling Ayam Penyet and they claimed that they are from Indonesia, so will be authentic. Curious me just has to try the so called authentic Ayam Penyet which by the way cost $6.50. It turned out to be good! The so called real Ayam Penyet is really nice!!! I especially love their chili sauce as it is very spicy and is tangy. Just nice to cut the oiliness of the fried chicken !

When I say it is spicy, it is really spicy. Do go easy with their sauce if you are not good with chili.

Chicken marinated with typical malay spices taste nice even without the chili sauce. It was accompanied with Kang Kong and their special mix chili. Sedap!!! I had two servings of Chili sauce. :P (Yummy) See picture below.

Although it is nice, but cannot eat too often. I remember having ulcers just days after eating it. Must be the fried chicken and the spicy chili...

So Chili Lovers, I strongly recommend you to go try out their Ayam Penyet @ Ayam Penyet RIA, but after eating don't forget to drink liang teh.

They also have Ikan Pomfet Penyet (don't think they really smash the fish), Embal Penyet (Beef) etc. Got website, can click here to check it out.


第一名: 来无影,去无踪,轻轻一跃便飞上天的水上飘杀人不眨眼。 绝招当中以铁沙掌闻名,至今不知振碎了多少人的心肺。。。

第二名: 太极张三丰的传人,以三两拨千斤的方式出招看似无力却又奇准无比,是黑马中的黑马。

第三名: 力大无穷,出拳潇洒, 不在呼输赢,只怕没气氛的张飞。虽然看似没技巧,但他并非浪得虚名的,只怪当天心情差。。。

三两拨千斤首先出招,看她徐徐的运气,慢慢的走到起点,然后渐渐摆起姿势(她伸展,再伸展),随之缓缓的把球举起,轻轻一放。当场,观众们不禁传出一连的惊叹声!只见那球很慢的转。。。转。。。 转。。。 再转。。。它再转(对不起真的很慢),再转。。。渐渐的从旁转到中间,一击~!球竿竟然几乎倒下?!就这招打天下,她拿下不少分数。



Monday, November 26, 2007




Sunday, November 25, 2007

Doctors @ Lunch !

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor away...
Maybe that why, the shop don't have apples, so we see a bunch of doctors walking leisurely in for lunch acting as if we don't know they are doctors... Wait a minute, how do I know they are doctors? They are not nurses, they are not in uniform, so how do I know? Well...

Drop-jaw shocked, when I saw this bunch of doctors (male and female) walking into the restaurant with stethoscope hanging on their necks and some are holding it by hand!!! I don't know what is up with doctors these days. Maybe they have long forgotten about SARS, on how germs and virus can spread by contact. Or maybe they are too hardworking that they cannot rest during lunch. In case there are emergency cases along the way, they have to be ready.

Don't get me wrong, I don't despite doctors or nurses, just that lunching outside with stethoscope on them, is a very unhygenic and inconsiderate act. They are not lunching in the hospital compound, thus it is not necessary for them to bring it out what. I mean the stethoscope are not exactly sterilised clean and how often do doctors clean/sterilised them? The thing is practically every patients that comes in, doctors has to use it on them, so common sense do tell you that they might have germs and virus on it. If you wash your hands before lunch, then why would you want to bring something "dirty" out for lunch?

Even if they don't mind to have germs around them, but they have to be considerate to other diners what. It is so unhygenic ~! Luckily, I was already leaving and they are seating far away from me, otherwise I would not want to have doctors with stethoscope hanging on neck or in their hands dining besides me !

Also, they have to be responsible for their patients later too. Imagine, after lunch they are going to use the stethoscope on patients that they leave on chairs where there are a lot of germs or worse with food bits on it! How are they going to answer to them if anything happens? Faint~!

Doctors, may I suggest that next time if you want people to know you all are doctors out for lunch, just pin your name tag on your shirt will do, it is more hygienic that way. . .

Novena Square - Curry Favour

No, I don't mean "Sa Kah" that curry favour, but the name of the Japanese Curry House !

Curry is common in Singapore and is a all-time favourite food for Singaporeans. Be it the Indian, Malay or even Chinese ones, Singaporeans like them to be rich, hot and spicy ! Maybe that why, Japanese curry house don't dare to "invade" Singapore yet, for their sweet gooey gooey curry might take some time for Singaporean to acquire its' taste.

I first came to know about Japanese curry from Japan hour. Those Japanese chefs are just like army commander and would stop at nothing to serve good food to their customers. The would follow very strict old, traditional methods and not hesitating to spend hours and hours to prepare food or use extraordinary fresh food items if that is what makes the food so good.

Don't be fool to think that the gooey Japanese curry is very easy cook. Authentic Jap curry is golden in colour. The colour actually comes from the caramelised onions which have to be fried in low heat for 3 to 4 hours in order for them to reach the caramelised stage. Some of their curry are also much healthier as some will add fruits (bananas, apples) and vegetables into it to enhance the sweetness (that why their curry is sweeter). Of course, you don't see them in pieces as they have been stewed for hours and all are melted into the sauce!

Back to Curry Favour, their curry sauce is really nice. Forget about those sweet sweet gooey stuff that you get from normal Jap restaurant. Those probably came from packet stuff. However, for Curry favours' sauce, you can taste that it is made from scratch. They have a bit of texture in it like bits of onions etc stewed to perfection. It must have been stewed for some time to get the taste to be so rounded and rich.

I ordered their Katsu curry rice set (Spicy). I like it, but it would mad if the sauce could be spicier. Their katsu (pork chop) is crispy on the outside, but the meat is still tender and juicy. Don't be too worried about their sauce being too sweet. There is some sweetness, but still savoury enough to suit Singaporean's taste bud.


For $12.90 lunch special set, you get to choose either miso soup or salad dressed in vinegette, a drink, and fruits. I love their katsu, thick and juicy. Their Katsu rice set has two pork chops and after pouring the sauce over the rice and meat, that is a very heavy lunch! Should go try during lunch since it is quite value for money especially of you love hainanese curry. Just one thing though, their ala cart menu is a bit on the high-end side.

Curry Favour can be found at Stanford House or Novena Sq.

Their official website -

Wednesday, November 21, 2007







看星云法师讲"如何豁达" , 一起学习怎么样豁达吧!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

心酸的故事 - 有灵性的狗儿

人和动物的分别不在于智慧, 而是人类有思考能力, 能够处理感情。动物真的就没有感情吗?

前天在整理电邮时,读到了以下的故事,让我感触良多。电邮标题是“快起来”, 还以为是什么好笑的邮件,怎么知道故事好沉重,好心酸。。。

不知道在那一个国家, 一只棕色的狗儿被一辆汽车撞死了,横尸在马路上。 那狗儿的同伴不舍得离开,一 直想方设法地叫它起来,离开危险的马路。 当然,死了的狗儿一直都没有反应,但同伴一直陪伴在旁期待它会反应过来。


最后同伴只好放弃, 坐在一旁休息。

我看不惯的是周围得人们。一个个只顾着拿着相机拍照,怎么没有人有那同情心把死去的狗儿搬到一旁呢,好让另一只狗可以离开危险的马路?受不了。我本身是怕狗。但是,我想如果遇到了这一个情况,不知道自己搬狗,那同伴会不会扑上来。 想想,起码我真的会尝试一下吧。






Monday, November 19, 2007

Skip to My Loo

Sings:" Loo Loo, Skip to my Loo ~! Loo Loo, Skip to my Loo ~! Loo Loo, Skip to my Loo, Skip to my Loo, my Darling ~!"

Some misunderstanding arises from the article below. Am I being malicious trying to tarnish someone's reputation? I definately do not have the intention, but somewhat Loo Loo feel hurt. Hai~ Typical me, just speak off my mind without thinking much. I might meant it as a joke, but sometimes people thought I carried too far. The thing is when people are joking about me, I didn't get angry, so why is it that when I joke, they have get so serious? So unfair... If only my words carried that much weight... I know I do. Haha. :P

Don't get me wrong, Loo Loo is a very good friend. She cares a lot about us sometimes and will do things unexpectedly that makes you feel very touched. Like planning the trip to ROM area to absorbed auspicious aura when I am down in luck and a bottle of Bai Feng Wan (expensive one) when she knows that I am a bit weak. She cares for us in her little way. Of course, no matter how good friends are, there are always difference. For the sake of fun, I sometimes play the opposition party to spite her a bit. However, I wish if only I can be as ultra-confident as she is, I might be able to achieve a lot more.

So apart from plants and fruits growing on trees, Loo Loo is very much a city girl who is very good with her maths. I am not as good as her when it comes to numbers. Nowadays, it is very rare that girls know how to cook especially someone as young as her. She love cooking which amazed me and can cook very well. I have eaten her sour plum bee hoon before and it taste uniquely nice.

Loo Loo, do accept my sincerest apology for the inconvenience that I have caused you (if any). To add on, how I wish people would call me a bimbo. . . At least you are attractive. ;)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Tour Around Spice Garden

We are working around Fort Canning area yesterday. After work, colleague Lolly Pop decided to bring me to ROM area to rub on some auspicious aura as I have been down with luck recently.

Driving test failed again, cut my thumb accidentally and work suddenly have a lot of hick-ups etc incidents are making me on the verge of breaking down. Am grateful that she is doing this for me nevermind that it is a bit orthodox, but sorry I will still blog about what happened during our trip at the Spice Garden. :P

It rained earlier on, thus it was quite a cooling afternoon. It was a bit humid, but still bearable as we climbed up and down the numerous steps to the Spice Garden. Spice Garden is situated near the fort canning and strictly speaking a park with a lot of tropical plants, some of which are spices that are commonly used for cooking especially in South-East Asia countries.

Just to name some of the spicies that we have seen, Vanila, Chili Padi, Laksa Leaves, Curry Leaves, SiChuan Pepper plant, Cinnimon tree etc. I managed to take some pictures of the more unusual plants.

1. Unknown plant

Didn't manage to find the sign on what is the name of this plant, but they sure looked like small pineapples.

Me to Lolly Pop : " Hey this plant look cute, the berries like fruits looked like miniture pineapples !"

Lolly Pop (examine closely) and said:" Oh ya, they are pineapples what..."

Me (looked shocked) said: " Pineapples don't grow on bushes like this..."

Lolly Pop (without thinking) exclaimed:" Ya, ya, wrong. Pineapples grows on trees !!!" and points to a tree near-by trying to locate a pineapple fruit.

Me (dropped jaw) shoot back: " Lolly Pop, Pineapples don't grow on trees !!! "

Lolly Pop (looked serious) argues :" Ya, Pineapples grows on trees what!!!"

Me (throw her a dirty look while trying hard not to laugh out loud) : "来来来, 捏死我算了 !Pineapples grows on bushes, but their leaves are harder and has sharp edges... You are so funny... Are you trying to cheer me up?"

Lolly Pop (think hard) tone down:" Oh, now that you mentioned... I remember seeing in Survival series that Pineapples does grow on bushes. . . Well, erm~ I forgot lah... Sorry... "

Me (looked at her skeptically ) asked:" You sure you passed and completed your degree...?"

Lolly Pop shoot back:" Yes I did, but not in bottany. I am better with numbers! :P"

Below is the real pineapple plant ! The fruit will grow in the middle of the plant when it matures.

2. Mugwort

Ever heard of absinthe? It is a banned high proof alcohol that is rumoured to cause illusion when drank. This is the plant that give it the bitter flavour. The sign said it can be used to flavour fat meats and fish and that people sometimes used it as a cheap alternative to replace tobacco because of the aroma.

If I remembered correctly, chinese people used it to boil soup - supposely good for headache or something. We pluck a leaf each for good luck as the sign also said it can ward of evil spirits and wild animals during the medival times.

Wang Wang ~!!!

3. Can you spot the living thing?

Halfway through our walk, we spotted this:

See, sharp-eyed me spotted a lizard among the bushes.

3. Basil and Betel Palm

Didn't take a picture of the Betel palm, but have to mention it as there is part two of Lolly Pop. Below is the picture of a basil plant. I grow that at home too. I like to add into Stir-fried Chicken with Soy Sauce to give it a exotic taste. It can be added to spaghetti sauce as well.

Pointed to purple leaves that looked like basil plant, Lolly Pop said:" Hey, this is the betel nut plant and those are their leaves which people chew on. "

Me(stared at her amazingly) pointed at the Betal Palm sign and asked: " Lolly Pop, can you read carefully on what does the sign says?"

Lolly Pop (Read carefully) said:" Correct what, they said Betel Palm plant what !"

Me (give up totally) stressed:" Yes, Betel "Palm" so it should be the palm-looking tree behind not those basil-looking bushes.... "

Lolly Pop smiles and rebutted :" I am just a city girl what ! Is normal that I don't know all this ..."

(* * ) Am thinking now, perhaps she is trying to cheer me up. Then again, she looked so serious and alway rebutted at full force, maybe not... Hmmm.

4. Cocao

Sings: "Wouldn't it be nice if we were older, then we wouldn't have to wait so long ~ Wouldn't it be nice ~?"

The lengendary cocao tree. I managed to find fruits on the tree as well. The seeds are what we used to make chocolates ! They seems to be able to grow quite well in Singapore's tropical climate. Maybe we should have a plantation of Cocao in Lim Chu Kang etc and produce Made-in-Singapore chocolates for tourists ! This will be unique !!!

5. Cola Nitida

Sings : "Whenever there is a pool, there's always a filrt. Everytime, there's school, there's always be homework. Always Coca Cola !"

Spotted the plant with the name Cola Nitida. Originated from Africa. It was not stated clearly, but is this what they used to make cola thus the drink is named Cola ?

The explantory sign does sound like it.

"Cola nuts contains caffeine. Used historically to increase physical excertion, enduring fatique without food and simulating a weak heart. . . "

The funny thing about the cola nuts is that Africans used to send nuts to people as invitation or congratulatory gestures. Imagine us sending nuts to guests instead of invitation cards or even used it to replace awards... Funny. . . :)

You might be interested with this as well:

Bollywood Farm - Trip Back to Nature

Guess where is this place?

See this place have custom-made benches. Can you make out the motif and guess where is it?

Drum roll ~~~~~!!!!






This is where couples decided that they want to move on to a new stage together by registering with Singapore Government so that their relationship/partnership will be legalised to become officially husband and wife. In simpler terms, this is where they "ROM", aka get married.

What ROM stands for you asked? See below:

Wonder if I would have the chance to get ROM someday...

Saturday, November 17, 2007

祸不单行, 福不双至

Glad to receive a lot of comforting encouragements from my close colleagues, but this time round, I am really very hurt.

Nope. I didn't pass it this time round (again and again). I don't know, maybe I shouldn't be driving. I don't see myself as a bad driver, but somehow I am just not fated to drive. Never in my life have I failed so many times in something that I have so much confidence in. I mean don't mentioned A-maths which I really don't like. I have never failed something so many times before. Even for my weaker subject like A-maths, I would work hard and study to make sure that I get the second time right or show improvements for it. For this, I really don't know what to do with it.

I managed to get all the technical skills right this time around, but failed because I nearly caused an accident as I wanted to make sure I didn't hit the curb on a narrow strip in the circult. Of course, immediate failure. 感觉很冤枉。。。No one can understand how I felt.

Cried very hard when tester told me I need to practise a little bit more. He looked very sorry for me and I have to say he is a very nice tester and have given me a lot of chances. I just feel very... I don't know can't explain, I don't deserve this. I have not recovered from it. That incident had left a very deep scar in my heart. My eyes would turn red and still cries this few days when I am in a taxi or start to think about it. I think I am getting some kind of phobia...

The instructor uncle feel very bad also. He told me don't give up. Go for the third one and he would book a fast date for me. 人家说祸不单行, 福不双至。我现在就这样了。。。 The ironic thing is my final theory test expired again. I would have to retake it. Sob Sob. If I passed that again, that would be my third final theory test. I have passed the first one on first attempt and it expired, so I took second one and passed on first attempt again. I can probably try to enter myself in the guiness book to be record holder for being the only one in Singapore to take and pass final theory test 3 times if I passed the third one. See how pathetic am I, what if I didn't pass? 那不是更冤枉? I seriously don't think I can take it. Sob Sob. . .

I never get to have things that I wanted badly... I know life is never fair, but God or whoever, can I just have an easier life? I am tired to have to work so hard to get things that I wanted and worse, after working so hard, I don't get it. sobbing hard~~!


Friday, November 16, 2007

Driving Test (Again)

Driving Test at 11.45 am later in the morning, but lesson starting at 8 am. Tired. Very Tired. If you are at Ubi area, look out for me.

Am I nervous? Not yet. The first time I wasn't nervous too cause silly me doesn't know what to expect, so nothing to be nervous about.

This time round, I am more afraid than nervous. Just by thinking about the amount of schools fees that I might lose again if I fail makes my heartache. Will Fly $$$ Fly ???

The first time round, I am disappointed with the test system and everything. It just doesn't make sense at all. Every one pretending to be following certain rules just so that they can pass. Then once passed and on the road, everyone drive maddly. So pretentious, can't stand it.

So, look out for my next posting on the results. If you like, you can start comforting me.

Off to ZzzzZzz.