Monday, December 17, 2007

All I want for Chirstmas is You... !

Without you, I will never smile again. Never.

My gums started to swollen again. So, went to see dentist, but a new one as I don't think I can fix an appointment so soon with my previous dentist.

But curse the new dentist, don't think I will go back again. He just basically rush things off, so that he can go off on time. In my opnion, I don't think he did a thorough job. Worse, I was told to reach there at 11.20 pm, but I only get to see the doctor at 12.20 pm. Angry. Why did they ask me to reach so early? What is the point of making at appointment then? Don't think I will go back to NTUC denticare ever. The charges is not cheap either, more expensive than Tan Tock Seng's in fact. Very bad impression of them.

My previous dentist was recommended by my friend. He is Dr Chong from Q&M. I heard he was quite famous and honestly he is good. However, as a "famed" dentist, appointment had to be made very early and treatments are not cheap. He dignosis that I have gum problems and I can't really fix the gap until the gum healed. He recommended to do root treatment first. After the treatment, I asked how we can fixed the gap, he said to better extract the teeth since they were not stable anymore, which I will never agree, so I went off to seek second opnion at Tan Tock Seng.

There, the dentist commented that my previous dentist did a very meticulous job for the root treatment and my gums were healing. (See, he is good...)Tan Tock Seng said I can either see their specialist for further consultation. For normal cleaning, he said I can chose to go back to Dr Chong or him. Don't they want my business? I do not know what to do, so didn't think about it until recently with the swollen gums again.

To remove or not?

I tried to fix the gap, but it can't be resolved so easily. I don't want to live with dentures at such a young age. I don't think I can take it. Worst, I have to prepare to spend my saving on it again. Honestly, I feel that I have better use for that money than on my teeth.

Last try, I will go polyclinic to get a refer letter to Alexendra Hospital. If they cannot fix it, I don't know what I will do. . .

What is root treatment?

Normally, when doing scalling, dentist would use the drill like equipment to remove harden plague between the gap of your teeth or on the edge of your gums. When doing root treatment, that instrument would probe deeper into your gums to dug out dirt hidden there. Sound painful? Of course, Dr Chong told me that he would locally anesthetized the affected area first, but what he didn't say is that I have to take 32 shots of anesthesia!

Is not like BCG where the needles only stop at the skin surface, in fact the needles has to be inserted quite deeply into the gums. For me, it was at the gums above your front teeth, the roof of your mouth etc. If you ever extracted teeth before you will know the pain, but 10 times more as it was positioned at my front teeth where there are a lot nerves. I cried everytime for the treatment.

After treatment, the gums would take days to heal. You can see blood masses on the teeth. Eating was difficult as everything is coated with blood. For info, that treatment is not cheap. I almost depleted my savings doing it.

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