Saturday, December 22, 2007

Stressful Christmas Shopping

Speaker churning :"You better watch out, you better not cry, you better watch out, I am telling you why, Santa Claus is coming to town ~!"

Big bold signages screaming: "SALE", "20% off storewide", "Free gifts with every $100 purchases" etc

Stacks and never ending stacks of nice-looking but impractical mugs, stationery holders and photo frames ...

All these concoctions seems to be driving people into a buying frenzy. Every corner I turned to, there are crowds buying something. As if they didn't buy that, they are going to lose big or there must be someone they can give that photo frame or mug to. Thanks to the Kris Kriggle game that we had in office, I am also out there pushing and shoving with all those people. To make matter worse, I couldn't make up my mind what to buy for my mortal. I think it is only me, everyone else seems to know what to buy for their mortal. Feeling kind of stress now.

To me, gifts are more than being practical and within the budget. I do hope/want people receiving my gift to really like it and will find it useful too. Even when the person that you are buying for is not someone you know well, you have a responsibility to get something that he/she will like it. However, I think it is even more stressful to get something for someone you know well. When saw the name, I started to panic and start to doubt about how well I really know the person. I am so worried that my gift will disappoint her.

So the whole of yesterday, I combed the whole of Plaza Singapura and Orchard for that special something, but didn't manage to find it. I feel so tired after all the walking ... Think I am losing weight too. No, no... Tired is an understatement, should be exhausted, both mentally and physically. My shoulders aching carrying my heavy bag around and feet sored after hours of standing and walking. It is much more strenuous my nightly one hour walking exercise. Now I know why most of the ladies never get fat. They shopped like this everyday non-stop. It is no wonder all of them are slim. If I do this more frequently, I would probably looked healthier too.

10 pm and still nothing on hand, tireness weigh in. I thought of givng up by buying her the huge pony I found at Carrefour, thinking that it is cost $12.90 and looked very worth the price and just went home. On second thought think it is not very portable and after the laughs, I realised that it cost $69.90... Had a scare and quickly shove it back into the crate.

Ps. Whoever suppose to buy me gift, just get me tiger balm stickers. I will be needing it very soon since I have another 2 days of strenuous shopping to do...


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