Thursday, December 27, 2007

Selfish and Inconsiderate Act

I don't believe it.

After years and years of public education on civil mindedness, selfish morons still exsist in Singapore !!! I was rushing to go out on Wednesday and this is what I saw at the lift lobby!!!

Some morons dumped their unwanted bulky bed frame at the lift lobby. So dumb that they don't know it is wrong for them to just leave the bulky items there when those should be moved to the disposable area at ground floor ! Those selfish morons must have been too free that they think it is funny to block the lift entrance with the wooden board and tried to hold it in place using the rest of the bed frame.

Fuming mad...I think this is a joke that went too far. How can they be so inconsiderate? Not only will it bring inconvenient to residents, their act might also hurt innocent by-passers. What if the lift door opened up and the wooden board slipped through the door and slammed into people inside? Those innocent people could get hurt seriously!!! I have never encountered such problems with my neighbours before and they are mostly considerate people, so I don't know who could have done such thing.

In the end, I called the cleaner hotline to get people to move those bulky items away. I had also wanted to make a complaint to the relevant authority (think they can't do much too), but my mum says I should not be a busybody. . .

Sometimes, I wondered is it because a lot of us wanted to be "nice" and are also too timid to speak up that those selfish people think they will get away with everything and become bolder. They do more nasty things since no one would dare to speak up against them. Angry!


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