Friday, December 21, 2007

Fresh Pasta

Went to library last Saturday and I found a lot of Jamie Oliver cook book. I borrowed some of them, hoping to try out some of his recipes. So while on leave last week, I managed to try out his recipe for making fresh pasta.

My first taste of fresh pasta was at Pasta Frasca. They were very good, very chewy unlike what I had before. I just love them! However the standard of Suntec City's outlet kept dropping until eventually it closed down. Anyway, since then I have been wanting to try to make fresh pasta like pasta frasca.

It was not as easy as I thought to be. I tried out several times before this and could never suceed as the dough was never kneeled properly or cut out evenly. Also, the dough would taste weird. Then, while shopping at JB's Giant, I chanced upon pasta machine on sale. One cost about $20 sing dollars which is cheaper than Singapore's, so I brought it.

Jamie Oliver Says:

Every 100g of tip00/cake flour or plain flour, use one egg. 200g of flour can feed about 3 -4 people.

To use tip00 flour or cake flour is so that the pasta will be silky soft and smooth. I used cake flour which cost more ($3 from NTUC) than normal plain flour.


Place the measure flour in a bowl or smooth marble or wood surface table. Make a well in the middle and crack in the eggs. Mix them until all the flour are covered with eggs.

Depending on the humidity of your kitchen, you might need more flour than stated to form the dough.

Kneel the mess with more flour if needed to form a dough. It will be ready when the dough surface is smooth and will not stick to your hand.

Dough when ready should be smooth and will not stick to your hand

Leave it to rest for at least half an hour before flatten it out to make pasta.

After resting, divide the dough into parts so that it will be easier to feed through the pasta maker.

The Pasta

As they are rolled out quite thinly, they should take about 3-5 mins to cook. My fresh pasta looked like this:

Honestly, it looked a bit like "instant noodles" noodles and tasted like the very springy kind of noodles, but nothing like fresh pasta. I guess I must have kneel it too much. Anyway, at least it is edible and taste very much like noodles. Will go look for more fresh pasta recipes. . .

Noodles anyone?

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