Thursday, December 20, 2007

Organicafe Xperience - Good !

When mentioned of organic food, what will come to your mind? Some of us will probably think of "healthy, unpolished, tough and over-priced rabbit food". I will not blame them as organic food and ingredients are not that readily available and popular locally as in other countries. Also, the price of organic stuff are indeed more expensive than those commercial farms produced stuff.

So, imagine the surprise I had when colleague mentioned that the food at Organicafe Xperience is good and quite value for money. I thought to myself "Really meh? Set Lunch with soup, drink, main course and desert cost $14.90 ++? Wah..." Usually, set lunch around 20 dollars only comes with either soup or drink, drink or desert, so where got all of it with that money? But it is really so at Organicafe Xperience.

First of all, as I have mentioned their set lunch is really quite value for money. That why their cafe is often packed during lunch time. You might not be able to find a seat if you are there really late. All of their food ingredients are organic-grown except meats, perhaps due to the fact that organic meat are not easy to find in Singapore. Also, if they really used those meats, think the price of the set lunch will definately go up much more.

However, don't get me wrong, the standard and quality of their food is quite high! The portion is quite generous and in fact filling enough to substain me till dinner time (that impressive already). I especially appreicate that they served food on heated plates so that it stay warm for a longer period of time. A lot of western food are served lukewarm or cold (I don't know what they do in the kitchen) and that put me off. I usually do not like the vegetables sides like brocoli and carrots which taste sloggy and frankly no taste at all, but theirs' taste quite good. Their carrots has much more flavour and is very sweet!!! Definately because it is organic-grown.

Let's just put aside that they are an organic cafe, but the food they served can easily rival any restaurants. They looked and tasted very good. Doesn't really remind me of rabbit food of any sorts. I love their set lunch's carrot cream soup most. It tasted like home-made soup than those canned oily stuff. Even though it is a cream soup, but it taste quite light. Our favourite set lunch main course is their grilled chicken steak.

Don't want to explain futher, just take a look at the picture below and you will know why.

Juicy and tender chicken fillets stacked high with potatoes wedges and veges.

We also tried the following ala carte main courses which are also good. I like them stacking the food high high, which asthetically looked very nice.

Verdict: Good food not because of the taste, but for some of the organic-grown ingredients they used which is really good for our body! Set lunch is value for money and portion is no way french, but generous enough. Must try !!!

Organicafe Xperience can be found at Novena/Velocity, next to Mos burger, opp Spinelli.

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