Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Great KL Trip - Overall feel

Been very busy, thus have not been able to update all about my KL trip. My goodness, Malaysia is having Sale now and the Sale "Boleh" !!! There are a lot of things to buy!!! I came back with all my bags full - one backpack, one luggage bag, two big shopping bags and one medium sized with slogan printed "I am not a shopaholic" bag full of foodstuff. I exchanged for that bag free from Mid-Valley with shopping receipt.

Seriously, I think products they carry are more cosmopolitan and larger range compared to Singapore. There are more varieties even for the same brand. Taking into consideration that the exchanging rate is to our favour, it makes the Great Malaysia Sales more worth it than Singapore one. This season, poka dots are in - for me at least. I managed to get several top with dots. The shopping trip for clothes is a bit disappointing. Not much variety compared to when I last went. I might have to consider online shopping soon.

For people who are worry about safety and situation in KL, I think it is still relatively safe. We heard that there were some protests/rally going on at their stadium, but did not see any strange movements at the shopping areas. I did however managed to see a quiet protest at the KLCC building. Not sure what they are protesting about, cannot read their banner, but I regretted that I did not take any photo... Oh another regret is that we did not manage to eat their roadside stall zi cha (again). Everytime I go, I always did not manage to do that. Hmm...

It was an exhausting trip. I came back so tired and pockets empty. I practically spend all the money that I brought over.

Enough of all the talk, I will try to upload photos of my trip soon, if you all want, I can also upload my iternary here. Do come back and read about it.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

飞龙在天!Flying Dragon!

Read this off Xin Min Ri Bao. A Malaysian fisherman capture this video of a flying dragon in the sky. It looked like a Chinese Dragon to me. Video was shot using his handphone camera. It looked quite real.

Amazing, but I suggest he get N73 for a better shot. Haha.

It's raining... Diamonds?!!!

Nope, it is not raining cats or dogs, neither is it raining fishes or frogs. It is also not raining Men, but long long time ago during the ice age era, the sky actually rained diamonds!

Yes, girls best friend! Read full story here.

* Look out the window, holding hands out, hoping to catch a pink diamond....

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Fed up. Lots of things in my mind. Feel very bad that I have already booked the KL trip and have to travel tomorrow. I have yet to pack for my KL trip tomorrow morning. How?

I always get very nervous on the eve of any holiday trip. Even worse now that so much things had happened. I didn't manage to buy any comfortable shoes. How to shop? I also do not have any currency on hand, did not manage exchange just now. My mum took my wallet home by mistake. Was so angry...


*Tearing hair out



Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Unofficial Travel Guidence

I know you all probably scream or feel frightened when hear " Johor Bahru ". I actually quite like that place. I do acknowledge that it can be quite dangerous, but you must know how to behave in places like that.

Singaporeans sometimes take it for granted that Singapore is very clean, safe and secure, therefore always compared other countries with our's. Some even demand the same kind of peace and order in other countries or looked down upon them just because they are less developed than Singapore. That kind of mentality is wrong and I can assure you will get into trouble no matter what place you go to.

I think travellers has to bear in mind these two points when going on tour - that is to be open-minded and humble. I acknowledge I have not been to a lot of countries, but some of those countries that I have been, find us Singaporeans unbelievable. Yes, we have quite a notorious reputation in other countries. For example, when I went Thailand, people just hear that we are Singaporean, the face changed and refused to let us bargin further. You can see obvious differences in treating tourists from Japan or Hong Kong than Singaporeans.

Anyway, if you are keen to go JB, here are some rules which I find useful :
  • Dress down. Don't wear any flashy clothes, leave branded watches, jewellery at home.
  • Try to go in a group, although I went there once alone, but you have look out for yourself constantly.
  • Speak whatever languages other than English.
  • A few lines of Malayu can get you very far. (Not very crutial, but will be helpful. I can't speak malayu though...)
  • When take cab, always ask how much is it before you get in. From City Square to Pelangi Plaza can cost you about $6 ringgit, City Square to Jusco is about RM$12-$15, City Square to Giant Plentong RM$15 - $18.
  • I find Malay Taxi Drivers (not all) charge the fare more reasonably than Chinese or Indian ones.
  • Good food are always found at Coffee shops and the prices are also cheaper than restuarants.
  • People are generally friendly that is if you don't try to be snobbish at others.
  • When walking try not to stare or give eye contact to others, I find that useful in avoiding unnessary confrontation or attention.

We ordered a table full of food and it cost us in total $35 Singapore dollars. That big piece of Sting Ray only cost $9 Sing dollars... ( I don't think you can get such a big piece even when you pay $15 dollars in Singapore...) Oyster egg cost $4.50 sing dollars ! It probably cost $8 sing dollars if ordered in Singapore. Btw, they have good zhi cha! If you are there, order their Da Lok Mian (cantonese), it is something like hokkien mee in Singapore, but the sauce is thicker, taste is far more intense and darker in colour. I think it is lard they used in cooking for non-halal food that makes it taste so good.

Besides the good food, I love JB because they have factory outlet stores and I can get loads of plus size clothing ! Hmm... My Poly Classmates and I are going to KL this coming weekend. It's time to Shop, Shop, Shop!!!


Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Simple Life

What would be an ideal life? If you asked me, I actually crave for a simple life. I would want to live in the country side, rear some animals (not for eating) and grow a garden full of vegetables and herbs that you can imagine.

I will cut down on all my Wants and try to live essentially with only Needs. Spend time doing things that are more meaningful and treat people who cares and really matters sincerely.

By then, there is no need to interact with so many people. No need to scheme and fight among one another. No need to say politically correct things or to do things just for the sake of impressing others.

Imagine having to live otherwise. What is the meaning of life then?

Start getting a life. A simple life, that is.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New Voices to Look Out For !

Jillian Marie Thomas - Que Sara Sara.

I was surfing net when my brother told me that I had to listen this voice. I quote he says " I heard this person sing in the radio just now, She sing so well. You must listen to her. Wah, her voice is so nice, but doesn't match the face... " I stared hard at him. Then when I found her on Youtube and it was really outstanding. She is very talented. Not only can she play the guitar, but she was extremely skillful. She sings very well too.

Her music is cross between soul and bossa nova.

Olivia Ong - Sometimes When We Touch

I was at Marina Square with my friends, queueing at ATM near a CD shop. Then out came this simple guitar acommpaniment and a very simple voice singing - Sometimes when we touch. I was amazed by her verson. I have not heard voice that is so pure for so long and her's was so touching. Her cover is simple to the point without being too technical. I went into the CD shop to check out who was the singer and learnt that it was Olivia Ong, a Singaporean somemore!

This song was in the her latest CD. I urge everyone to go buy it. It is smoothing and can touch your soul.