Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Great KL Trip - Overall feel

Been very busy, thus have not been able to update all about my KL trip. My goodness, Malaysia is having Sale now and the Sale "Boleh" !!! There are a lot of things to buy!!! I came back with all my bags full - one backpack, one luggage bag, two big shopping bags and one medium sized with slogan printed "I am not a shopaholic" bag full of foodstuff. I exchanged for that bag free from Mid-Valley with shopping receipt.

Seriously, I think products they carry are more cosmopolitan and larger range compared to Singapore. There are more varieties even for the same brand. Taking into consideration that the exchanging rate is to our favour, it makes the Great Malaysia Sales more worth it than Singapore one. This season, poka dots are in - for me at least. I managed to get several top with dots. The shopping trip for clothes is a bit disappointing. Not much variety compared to when I last went. I might have to consider online shopping soon.

For people who are worry about safety and situation in KL, I think it is still relatively safe. We heard that there were some protests/rally going on at their stadium, but did not see any strange movements at the shopping areas. I did however managed to see a quiet protest at the KLCC building. Not sure what they are protesting about, cannot read their banner, but I regretted that I did not take any photo... Oh another regret is that we did not manage to eat their roadside stall zi cha (again). Everytime I go, I always did not manage to do that. Hmm...

It was an exhausting trip. I came back so tired and pockets empty. I practically spend all the money that I brought over.

Enough of all the talk, I will try to upload photos of my trip soon, if you all want, I can also upload my iternary here. Do come back and read about it.


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