Wednesday, December 22, 2010


詞:林夕 曲:謝霆鋒 編曲:梁翹柏 

愉快得 知覺麻痺

為甚麼 呵護我
當我痊癒了 可吃甚麼
為甚麼 感動我
等我難習慣 最低痛楚

怕甚麼 怕愛人
扶著情感 得到禮品總會敏感
怕甚麼 怕習慣豁出去愛上他人
但卻不懂去 弄完假再成真

令美點 都掛住你

為甚麼 寵壞我
等我難習慣 半掩被窩

怕甚麼 怕愛人
扶著情感 得到禮品總會敏感
怕甚麼 怕習慣豁出去愛上他人
但卻不懂去 弄完假再成真

怕甚麼 怕被迷魂
扶著情感 得到細心只怕喪心
愛甚麼 愛令我勇於報答太多人
但卻不知道 如何死裡逃生

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

王菲 - 哪兒

最好没有人明白我说什么,只有你听懂我唱什么 ...

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tis the season of expressing gratitude

Other than setting fire on plastic trees, exchanging mugs, stuffing self silly with cold turkeys and getting high on egg nogs, there are more important things to do during the Christmas season, such as expressing gratitude.

And so I did.

I am a rather sentimental person. Those who follows my blog will know it by now. Live life with no regrets. That is what I always tell myself. Don’t regret over things which you did not do then.

There is always an appropriate time for everything. Once you missed the best time to do something, you will never get the same reactions again.

Many people have passed through my life for the past one year. Some of them had left behind an impactful influence which shapes who I am today. I felt grateful in many way of those positive influences.

I am of the opinion that one should express those gratitude readily and promptly. As William Arthur Ward puts it, a gratitude not expressed is like a present wrapped but not giving it. What is the point? You know how you felt, but those who had influenced you might not.

What harm would it cost you or them if they knew how you felt about their influences? I am very puzzled when people laughed at me, calling me weird when I do that. So what if your friend knew how thankful you are towards somebody? What difference would it makes to those people who had influenced you? No differences because they don’t know.

My conscientious is clear. I treated people who matters sincerely. I meant every word I said. Interpreted my motives anyhow, I don’t have and I don’t care. What matters to me is them not you.

Speechless still. I sought forgiveness, if I had caused this much grief. It hurts me still and it remained speechless. I regretted what I did, but what else can I do?

Will it remain speechless always? I wish good health.

Regardless, I still have many more people whom I need to thank. Cherish this holiday season to thank those people who matters. A simple note of gratitude is worth more than the mug or some silly ornament.  

Don’t delay and regret... 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Brett Domino – Bad Romance

They are really talented and very cool!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wake up and smell the English Breakfast!

Good morning! I hope you are hungry!

The above is one of my favourite photo taken recently – English Breakfast.

I do think that I take very beautiful food pictures.

Can smell the coffee, eggs and bacon already?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Faye Wong - Rilkean Heart

It has been a long time since I was so overwhelmed by a song and it’s lyrics.

An old friend tagged me to this song “Rilkean Heart”. It was performed by Faye Wong, aka Her Royal Highness, Asia’s Queen of Pop at her concert in Shanghai.

No one. No performer can do what she does – singing with minimal interaction with the audiences, stand still with hands on her hips throughout the song. Displayed through body language, she showed that she still own the stage.

Her voice brought back a lot of memories. Rilkean heart was originally a Cocteau Twins song. Faye had filled it with Chinese lyrics in one of her albums. It never occurred to me all these while that it was a covered song. 

I like the English lyrics better. They are very profound and intriguing. “Rilkean” refers to the Austrian Poet Rainer Maria Rilke’s writings, ideologies, history and characteristics.

The thing which makes me love Faye Wong is that she can still inject her own style into a song which already had a strong style of the original singer. She often gives covered song an extra edge.

For those who wanted to listen to the original version, here it is!

Rilkean Heart

Rilkean heart I looked for you to give me transcendent experiences
To transport me out of self and aloneness and alienation
Into a sense of oneness and connection, ecstatic and magical
I became a junkie for it
I come looking for the next high and I'm sorry I've been
putting the search on the wrong place

I understand that you're confused, feeling overwhelmed
Well that's a feeling state from then, the reality

With cleaning up my emotional life and getting in touch with myself
I'm beginning to ground myself in my own sense of being as an entity
One entity on the planet,
Become truly self reliant
And become connected with something beyond me
That is where I have to go
I'm so sorry I've been putting the search on the wrong place

You're lost and don't know what to do
But that's not all of you
That's your reality today
And that is all okay

I understand that you're confused, feeling overwhelmed
Well that's a feeling state from then, the reality

I'm lost I don't know what to do
It's not all on you
That's the reality today
Right now it's all okay

I understand that you're confused
Feeling overwhelmed
Love's a feeling straight from then
The reality