Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bugis Junction - V8 Cafe

Besides Suntec, Bugis is my next favourite shopping area. I sometimes would go pray at the Guan Yin Temple near by before dropping by Bugis to do some window shopping. Speaking of which, think I have not dropped by for quite sometime.

Whenever I am at Bugis with friends or there was once I was working with a huge group of colleagues at a Hotel near-by for our DnD. Our group leader asked where should we have lunch at Bugis. The food courts are always crowded and he wanted cheap and good food where everyone can have lunch comfortably. I immediately suggested : "V8 Cafe! "

Off we went and he commented later that I made a good suggestion. Here is why.

Food prices at V8 cafe is cheap. You can get a decent main course for as low as $8.90++ ! The ambience is definately better than food court and it is not as crowded as the food court. For entertainment, they even have movies playing in the cafe itself. Food although cheap, but taste good!

Ham and Mushroom Spaghatti in Tomato Sauce - $8.90

Grilled Lamb Chop - $12.90

Baked Rice cost $8.90 too !!!

For those who have never heard of V8, it is quite hidden away from public view. It is located at Third Storey in Parco Bugis Junction, near Amore Gym. It used to be a subsidary cafe for Sony store, but Sony have since moved out. You may have to wait a little as there are often quite a number of people waiting for dinner, but their table turn-over rates are quite fast !

Friday, June 27, 2008

Top One KTV at Bugis (The One)

Look out Kbox and Party World! You have a strong competitor in the market and they are fierce!I am referring to the newly opened KTV opp Bugis Junction, located near Tan Quee Lan St and Liang Seah St - Top One KTV! I thought the whole business concept is just too clever and the creator really has foresight.

Who would ever thought that the deserted old building could be given new life just like that? I mean ICON tried to model the whole building after flea-market shops in Hong Kong, but failed to attract crowds. Top One came in, throw in loads and loads of capital and converted the whole building into one big cool and chic karaoke joint! Boom and it became the hottest place to go in the Bugis area.

Let me tell you what is so special about Top One and how it differentiate itself from the other competitors.

Service, Design and Special Features


Most of their staff are PRC Chinese. Although there are some Singaporeans who complaint that there are a lot of PRC Chinese people doing service jobs, but cannot speak English fluently etc, but I feel you really have to hand in to them. They are actually very articulate and provide better service than part-timers secondary school students or even some adult Singaporeans. It's just in their blood. Of course, one would beg to differ. I just feel perhaps some Singaporeans take themselves too seriously at times that they feel embarrass or pride less when doing other a favour or when servicing others.

Design of rooms - Being different and proud of it

Amazingly, Top One has different themes for their rooms at every level. Something that was different from their competitors. It's not only the room that is different, but the whole experience is different from the usual one.

For once, their microphones come with a small colour cap for hygiene purposes. Not that it is effectively cleaner, but at least they bother to do something. Also, their microphones did not shrieked once when placed close to each other. This is quite something already. My friend and I can never stand close to each other at other karaoke joints which we always patronised. Haha.

Of course, Top One is new and might end up the same situation later on. I remembered Kbox as being quite good when first started.

I have been there three times so far. The design of the room are quite drastically different. There was Ocean themed rooms at level 6 and Retro theme at level 2.

Special Features

See, their custom-made tables can lit-up. The lights will changes according to the tempo of the songs !

Unlike their competitors who provides remote control for customers to pick songs, Top One provides control console for customers to pick songs instead. First-timer might need some training to get use to it. The negetive points is that the control console is not as easy to use as remote control and whoever needed to pick songs has to move there physically to do so.

The first time we were there, we had quite a huge number of people and thus we got a big room. Goodness, the room was really very big with loads and loads of features to play with. Firstly, there was three big plasma screens.

You can also adjust lightings according to the mood of the songs and the atmosphere. There are soft lightings as shown on the picture above, see the wall and disco lights somemore. Cool hor! However, the most amazing thing is that there is a small stage in the room complete with smoke effect !!! Singing in that room really feel like performing at a concert setting rather than karaoke-ing at some joints.

But wait, there is more. THEY even have a RECORDING STUDIO that you can book and record your own album!!! I checked. The charges are about the same as market rates , recording of one song is $38 dollars (until you are satisfactory), but if you wish to book by the hour is $50 dollars per hour ! Now who is the superstar? It is really a dream factory for singers-wanna-be !

I actually recorded a song before long time ago for my own entertainment and keepsake purposes.That studio (which already closed down) also charged $38 dollars for one song, but they used midi tune instead of karaoke music. The set up is also not as professional as this one. I mean just look at their microphone and the sound muffle (the black mash thing to prevent you from "popping" the mic). Hmm... Perhaps I should record one album for my birthday this year ! Now, what songs should I sing...

Afternote: Wow, I didn't know this entry would attract that many people. Just to answer some of the questions that netters asked.

The rate: We usually go there during Friday night for $28.70 nett ($31.80 without membership card). It is the discounted price as we got the membership card. To apply (they would usually encourage you to get one), you need to pay one time fee of $10 dollars, like Kbox used to do. Just get one and shared the cost among your friends! :)

Just found out that weekday afternoon rate - 11 am to 6 pm only cost $16 nett.

Address: 530, North Bridge Road, #02-01 Bugis Point

Phone number: 6238 8198

Strongly encourage you all to go in a big group as the big room's smoking effect is just amazing! Do book before you go as you can tell from the number of readers, it is always fully booked.

Interested in Karaoke Singing? See also my Karaoke Experience in Kuala Lumpur -

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Velocity - Mingles (With Friends)

Days before she left, we gathered at Mingles cafe for a private lunch. This time round, we kept it to a small group with only the few of us. As usual, we chat, joke, gossip, banter hoping that the good time would last forever, but of course nothing ever will.

They just expanded the cafe to accomedate more customers and it was beautifully renovated.

The menu was also revamped. Besides the usual sausages and rostti, Mingles now has ALL DAY Super Value set from $14.90 ++ for soup, main course, drink and dessert. When I say is super value, it is really super value! The food and dessert all comes in a good portion !

Fish and Chips - Freshly Fried

Honey Glazed Chicken Steak with Side Salad

Chicken with Mushroom Sauce and Side Salad

The best thing is their dessert! A full sized one despite the huge main course. One can choose either one of the following choices:

Classic Brownies with Vanila Ice -Cream

Waffles with Ice Cream of your Choice. I chosen Mango Sorbet!

Or simply Two balls of Ice Cream of Your Choice !!! The above are Green Tea and Strawberries Cream ! Yummy ~!

What more could we ask for? Value Price, Good Food, Friends and Laughers... Hope you are happy in your new place, we will miss you... Until the next time, we shall "Mingles" again.

Monday, June 23, 2008

"Fatigue" Glass Door...

Ok, I should have posted this on STOMP's "English as it is Broken" section. I noticed the glass doors of Top One KTV are "over-worked", so much so that they are "fatigue"! Somebody should call the "Glass Door Union" to complain about their plight. No glass door should be allowed to be "push around" and still "working" especially when they are feeling "fatigue" already! This is just outrageous!

Ok, jokes aside. I think they meant "fragile" instead of "fatigue". Whoever wanted to post this on STOMP must remember to quote me ah. :)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Faye Wong is 2008's Sexiest Vegetarian !

People voted Faye Wong as the sexiest vegetarian for the female category on PETA website! We couldn't get enough of her too ! :D

Friday, June 20, 2008

Chicken Rendang and Fried Cabbage

I received a call from my brother one afternoon.

Brother: "Hey, are you coming back to dinner?"

Me:"Ya, why? Is mum cooking?"

Brother snigger:"Got cook, but I am cooking instead. Quick place order, what do you want to eat today?"

Me laugh jokingly, pretending in horror:" Huh... You cooking? Erm... I think I am working late today..."

Brother stresses:"I am cooking. See you at home ! Bye~"

Me: Gulp~

I went home early that day at about 7 pm. He had only start to marinate the chicken and was only started cutting the cabbage... We waited till 9.30 pm before dinner is served. There were two dishes - Chicken Rendang (he likes curry stuff) and Fried Cabbage.

The rendang is still edible (LoL), ok wasn't as bad as I thought it will be. The potatoes were stewed till mushy and acted as thickener for the sauce. He used packet rendang sauce, so the taste is ok, not really wonderful. My mum thought that it was a bit too salty.

As for the fried cabbage, there is a story behind this dish. This dish was 'invented' by our late grandmother. We don't know how she come up with this combination of frying white cabbage with lunch meat! I saw her cooked the dish once and I thought it was quite a clever dish. She would first cut the lunch meat into small pieces and then fried it without any oil as the meat itself has a lot of fats. After the much of the fat had been forced out the meat, add the cabbage which was cut into thin strips. Mix the cabbage and ensure that it is evenly coated with the meat, add a little water to it and stewed.

I can never forget the taste. The sweetness of the cabbage would neutralised the saltiness of the lunch meat (in fact she would not add anymore condiments to the cabbage) and together created this very harmonious balanced taste. It was sadly one of the last dishes she cooked for us. Even though, we cooked the dish almost the same way as her, the taste was never quite the same. Her's always tasted way much better than ours...

It would taste better if left to stew longer. :) Btw, the dinner is not free. I have to pay for the ingredients...


吓死人了,这位中国的女孩竟然模仿了十四位男女歌手唱千里之外!!! 实在好厉害!她名字叫嘉恋, 所模仿的都是超强歌手 - 孙燕姿,莫文蔚,SHE,李玟,王菲,李宇春,许 如芸,刘德华,张学友,蔡琴,王杰,张宇,宋祖英,张惠妹。

我觉得她是个会唱歌的人,所以可以很准确的抓到各个歌手们的特色,可惜学王菲逊色了点。改天有空,我也来模仿一首王菲的歌曲, 我对她的歌声也略有点研究, 可以切磋切磋。模仿要很小心,因为很容易以后唱歌没有了自己的特色。我很在意自己是否唱得很像原唱者,所以现在一直在寻找自己的特色。

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Communicating with Men - Part One

Just for laughs, I spoke to someone, a man, on the phone today. I felt very strange that there are long silents pauses after my questions. I had expected him to answer straight, but he plaused very long. I almost thought the line was cut off. I mean this is not typical when talking to a woman. Later, I thought perhaps he thinks that we are talking into walkie talkie and I should say "over" before he would reply my questions.

Then it strike me. Men and women think and operate differently. To effective communicate with each other, there are some interesting points that women have to take note of. For example:

1: When men gave a suggestion, he is not really open to objections. He expects and will do whatever to get you to agree with him. You just have to follow his ideas.

Explaination: Men believed that they know the best. They believed... but we know it is otherwise...

2: Always act stupid. Or at least try to be convincing.

Explanation: Men get intimated easily when you appeared to be smart. (my friend's theory)

3: Need help? Appear weak and frail, not forgetting to feed their ego a bit to get them going

Explanation: Every men has a "hero" in them. They never hesitate to help the "weaker" sex. I have never fail to get my brother to change fish tank water using this method.

4: When pointing out mistakes, suggest subtlely.

Explanation: Tell him straight will hurt their ego. Smart women will make men think that they can resolve problems by themselves. (I have not master this yet.)

5: Speak slower and be precise.

Explanation: Men are like old computer running on window 95. They cannot process a lot of things fast.

6: When men talk, listen attentively.

Explanation: Apparently I was told, men feel very flattered that someone would give all their attention to them.

7: To get a good impression, laugh at their jokes (even though it is not funny)

Explanation: This apply to your boss too. I read it off a body language book that in courtship process women tend to laugh more at the jokes of the men they like most.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Porker in Boots

This is interesting story. Pig has no sweat glends, thus would they would roll themselves in mud to cool their body down. Guess what, there is a piglet in UK who has mud phobia ! Oh goodness, pigs also got complusive disorder too. So funny. Whoever thought pig is dirty, think again.

The farmer first noticed the piglet as it did not join the rest of the brood in exploring the surroundings. They had thought it wanted to be close to its mother, thus did not move far. However, the piglet appeared to be uneasy and even shaky (can you imagine, so funny!) standing alone at the rim of the muddy ground. Farmers finally suspected that the pig might have phobia against mud as it explore normally when place in grounds without mud.

To help the piglet to overcome the fear so that it can explore around, they tried to slip on small weillingtons boots for it as shoes. Amazingly, it began trottled on mud as soon as the boots were sliped on. The piglet was given an apt name too - Cinderella.

Because of its special behaviour, piglet will not be killed for meat. It will front a campaign to support the plight of pig farmers. This story kind of reminded me of the pig character (Wilbur) in Charlotte's web. I feel kind of bad to eat pork. In case you do not know, pigs are actually very smart animals. They ranked top 10 in animal kingdom for cleverness, thus I think it is somewhat hard for them to accept that they are reared to be eaten.

( Warning: Don't read on if you still intend to eat meat.)

In fact, I read another heartaching story in newspaper about how a cow escaped from slaugter house in China. Cow panicked when saw companion being slaugtered around him (who would not...). In bid to escape, cow struggled free and dashes out of the slaughter house. The survival instinct was so strong that it even jumped over one metre height wall to break free. However, it was not meant to be, cow was recaptured soon. To prevent it from running free, the butcher cut its' tendon on the spot while the cow was still alive and kicking.

I saw in the picture that the road was red with blood spilling out from the cuts. The cow cannot even stand and hooves were hanging loosely from the body... The picture showed three to four people hauling the half dead cow up a lorry.

I feel very sad for the cow that it had tried to escaped, but yet people cannot let it off to roam free. It is the few minutes of freedom it gained, but still comes to a pathetic ending (I think it has a worse ending in this case) that greatly saddens me. How unforgiving and cruel human is to the cow and what has it done to deserve all this. The sense of helplessness must have been through its mind and how frightening it must have felt.

Luckily I do not eat beef, I can say that I do not owe this cow a life. However, I am guilty of eating other meats as well. I feel for them after reading the story above. Pigs, Chickens, Ducks and very little lambs must have felt horrible in the slaugter house...

Give me some time, I will try to be a full time vegetarian. I pray and hope that God bless all animals whose lives are sacrified in order to support us.

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Sunday, June 8, 2008


让我来介绍以上的这位歌手-Sayuri Ishikawa。她是日本数一数二的演歌天后。我是在一次偶然的机会听到她的歌曲“天成越”而对她的歌声印象深刻。记得有一年, 电视台播了日本一年一度的红白大赛, 刚好听到她唱了这首歌。我记得在歌曲的段落,她狠狠地瞪了荧幕一眼,那种从眼睛散发出的情感和锐气,让我非常惊讶震撼。她放了很多感情在表达歌曲的内容。我当时觉得要把一首歌曲唱好,就得用心,投入,放感情去唱。专业歌手唱歌和普通人唱Karaoke的分别在于放感情. 专业歌手在诠释歌曲时,除了有熟炼的技巧,还比普通人多了一份感情.

其实不止她,连已故的邓丽君唱歌的时候也是那样投入,而且感情运用收放自如。我为什么会懂?我爱唱歌,所以常常研究别人是怎么唱的。我听老歌并非因为老气,而是在听老一代的歌手怎么运用技巧唱歌。我觉得要学唱歌就必须从基本学起,而老歌手的技巧都是唱歌的基本功。现代歌手虽然都不那么唱歌了,可是基本功和技巧还是在那里。(Actually, a lot of them don't know how to sing...)

演歌: 石川小百合- 天成越

怪不得演歌叫演歌。。。因为真的要放很多感情在歌曲里面 !

演歌: 石川小百合- ウィスキーが、お好きでしょ

(Translated to : Whiskey, Your Favourite...)

If only I can sing live like that...

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Labels & Love (And the City)

Get carried away... Whoever that comes up with the slogan should be rewarded! I managed to catch the movie yesterday and thought perhaps we were too carried away. The content were hardly subtantial and I don't understand what is the hype about.

I have never watch the series before, but know that the famed HBO series had nude and sex scene in it. The show popularised Comopolitan cocktail drink, famous Manolo Blahnik high heel shoes and branded bags.

While the series main focus is on the 4 main characters's sexual desires and fantasies, the movie is milder as it focuses on love and labels, as in finding love and the perfect branded bag and heels. The whole show feel like one overage "girls" slumber party !

I really wonder what happened to their families members. Their world seems to be only revolved around their friends. The characters are somewhat overly superficial and that they fall over heels on brands and labels.

I mean some of the plots just does not make sense and seem unrealistic at times. I have to admit that it is an entertaining show as part of it are quite funny. However, it is quite boring as there isn't much content. If you have not watch it, I suggest you watch it on weekday. It is not worth $10.50.

Don't get too carried away.

Friday, June 6, 2008

My darkest fear ...

I have a confession to make - I am terrified of dogs (mutiply that feelings about 10 times). Yes, go ahead and laugh. For no obvious reasons, as long as it is a dog regardless of the size, I would get very frighten and tense when one is around me. Since young, I would keep a distance from them when I see them walking from far. I was so particular that I would not even walk past a neighbour house if they had a dog at home.

Ya, dog barks are scary too.

Then last Wednesday, as usual I just got off the feeder bus and saw this neighbour with her cute small white terrier at the lift lobby. Of course I am not going to take the same lift as her, thus went to check the mailbox, so that I could take the second lift. The lift came pretty soon and she went up.

I took the next lift alone and felt relived that the dog was out of sight. Little that I know that I was happy too soon. The lift door opened and I almost fainted on the spot.

Me screamed: " ARGHHHHH~~!" (Squeezed myself towards the back of the lift)

Outside was a lady with this dog:


ME: " NO! NO! I am not coming out ! YOU DON"T COME IN, YOU... "

Lady tried to comfort me:"Don't be afraid... He don't bite (me thinking as if...) Just come out from the side. "

Lady to dog: "Sit !"

Me no longer know what I am doing except to leave the place: "No, I am not coming out. I want to go down. Let me go down first and I will press the lift up again!"

*Frantically pressing the close door button.

Lady getting impatient:" No~! I have to wait very long. You come out now!"

*Frantically pressing the open door button.

Dog: Look bored.

Me beg:" No. I want to go down ~~"

*Sweating profusiously. *Frantically pressing the close door button.

Lady command: " You come out from the side fast~! He will not bite you! "

*Frantically pressing the open door button.

Dog moving about like it was going to rush into the lift soon.

Me give up. Eyes fixed hard on the dog and tried to move out by sticking as close to the side as possible.

Fortunately for me, I was out in one piece. Unfortunately for her, lift door closed.

Lady cursed : "SHXX! See! my lift gone down already! "

I have no guts to answer back as am afraid that she might release her dog on me.

I have never run so fast since such a long time ago...

Went home. Told my mum what happened. She laugh out loud and sneered :" I thought you want to keep a dog?"

Me ...