Sunday, June 15, 2008

Porker in Boots

This is interesting story. Pig has no sweat glends, thus would they would roll themselves in mud to cool their body down. Guess what, there is a piglet in UK who has mud phobia ! Oh goodness, pigs also got complusive disorder too. So funny. Whoever thought pig is dirty, think again.

The farmer first noticed the piglet as it did not join the rest of the brood in exploring the surroundings. They had thought it wanted to be close to its mother, thus did not move far. However, the piglet appeared to be uneasy and even shaky (can you imagine, so funny!) standing alone at the rim of the muddy ground. Farmers finally suspected that the pig might have phobia against mud as it explore normally when place in grounds without mud.

To help the piglet to overcome the fear so that it can explore around, they tried to slip on small weillingtons boots for it as shoes. Amazingly, it began trottled on mud as soon as the boots were sliped on. The piglet was given an apt name too - Cinderella.

Because of its special behaviour, piglet will not be killed for meat. It will front a campaign to support the plight of pig farmers. This story kind of reminded me of the pig character (Wilbur) in Charlotte's web. I feel kind of bad to eat pork. In case you do not know, pigs are actually very smart animals. They ranked top 10 in animal kingdom for cleverness, thus I think it is somewhat hard for them to accept that they are reared to be eaten.

( Warning: Don't read on if you still intend to eat meat.)

In fact, I read another heartaching story in newspaper about how a cow escaped from slaugter house in China. Cow panicked when saw companion being slaugtered around him (who would not...). In bid to escape, cow struggled free and dashes out of the slaughter house. The survival instinct was so strong that it even jumped over one metre height wall to break free. However, it was not meant to be, cow was recaptured soon. To prevent it from running free, the butcher cut its' tendon on the spot while the cow was still alive and kicking.

I saw in the picture that the road was red with blood spilling out from the cuts. The cow cannot even stand and hooves were hanging loosely from the body... The picture showed three to four people hauling the half dead cow up a lorry.

I feel very sad for the cow that it had tried to escaped, but yet people cannot let it off to roam free. It is the few minutes of freedom it gained, but still comes to a pathetic ending (I think it has a worse ending in this case) that greatly saddens me. How unforgiving and cruel human is to the cow and what has it done to deserve all this. The sense of helplessness must have been through its mind and how frightening it must have felt.

Luckily I do not eat beef, I can say that I do not owe this cow a life. However, I am guilty of eating other meats as well. I feel for them after reading the story above. Pigs, Chickens, Ducks and very little lambs must have felt horrible in the slaugter house...

Give me some time, I will try to be a full time vegetarian. I pray and hope that God bless all animals whose lives are sacrified in order to support us.

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