Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mojito – Don’t drink and blog!

Finally Home Sweet Home! Will blog about my holiday story soon.

I brought a bottle of Bacardi from DFS yesterday and immediately try my hands at making one of my favourite drink today – The Mojito!

mojito My first attempt at Mixology and by the look of it, I think I am quite good at it. 

Cool summery drink. Refreshingly relaxing.


School? Homework, what homework?!


Best wish for the New Year! Good bye 2009 and all of the devils! Hallo Sunshine - 2010! 

Sunday, December 20, 2009

今年の漢字 2009 - Chinese Character of 2009

Japan's annual Kanji Aptitude Testing Foundation had choosen a single Chinese character (Kanji) that best represents Japan's situation for 2009. The selection process is also known as今年の漢字.

The Chinese Character which they have chosen for 2009  is:

It is pronouced as "Xin" which meant "new". Apparently, Japan has chosen this word because of Swine Flu which rampage the country earlier on. It was termed as "新型"(しんがた、shingata), or "new type" flu. Then of course, they had a new government which is termed as "新政権"(しんせいけん、shin seiken).

Over at Taiwan, the Chinese Character for 2009 which best represented Taiwan's situation is:

The character is pronouced as "Pan" which meant hope. Taiwanese after been through so much in the year, hope for a better future.

In Singapore, we do not have such practise of chosing a Chinese character. However, we were told in one of the CNN article that the term of the year for Singapore was:


Well, the controversial Ris Low was chosen to be the most influential person in Asia for year 2009. Not sure what is their criterial, but I think there are more important things /persons that we can remember 2009 for.


Monday, December 14, 2009

石川さゆり - ウイスキーがお好きでしょ

One of my favourite song by Sayuri Ishikawa - "Whiskey, your favourite!" Goodness. I want to be able to sing live like her...