Wednesday, August 29, 2007

To Aim or Not to Aim

When I saw this poster, I thought I went to the wrong toliet. It was in the ladies and I was thinking then WTH is it doing here? Should it be in the Gents?

Then while editing the picture, it strike me that they are applicable to the squatting ones as well. (Aha!)

The next question that came to my mind is it intentional or not for it to be there. (Can ask Level 12 if you want to know.)

If it is intentional, don't whoever that put it up ever considered how to ask the ladies to aim well when guys cannot even do it properly*? I am sure that ladies tried their best.

* To clarify, I do not know the actual situation in the gents, but am assuming based on the poster's illustration. Most of the ladies in reputable buildings are clean and acceptable so far.


Square2特别邀请来自韩国的舞蹈团来新表演韩国传统的宫廷舞。那些身穿传统服装的舞蹈员都显得特别好看,很有气质。 我觉得韩国舞蹈跟土耳其的舞蹈有点相似,都是需要舞蹈员一直转呀转的。在跳舞时,各个脸都带着甜美安祥微笑, 好象韩国娃娃一样高雅,美丽,迷人, 让人不禁想起大长今里的娉妃们。


每年,在生日当天都会为自己定下接下来一年该实现的目标和理想。(暂时别提减肥。。。) 去年的其中一个生日愿望就是要考到驾驶执照,可惜我没办法实现自己的愿望。失望。 我是对自己的驾车技术很有信心,觉得自己的驾车技术真的不烂,是可以在路上开的。老师也说OK。

可惜今天运气不好,连车都欺负我,平时练习时没出错的问题,今天都出现了。最难的泊车,转小路都OK,干净的过。我竟然当在没有一条一条慢慢转右,而马上转上斜坡的小错误。那还不止,死人Biting Point在考车的时候,竟然不出现。我从来都没有那样过。。。我好气我自己。 还难得抽到简单无奇的路线,直直的路,都没有U-Turn。我怎么会那么背。。。


生气~!我要报复,那天给我遇到那些考到执照,但又驾的烂烂的人,我一定检举他们。平什么驾得比我烂,还可以在路上开车呢? :P

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I sometimes go to the library during weekend afternoon to spend time. Yes, I got no life and I do read for leisure. :P (Many people thought I do not read at all.)

Last Saturday, I happened to find this comic book on the shelf at the reference section by accident. The title of the book is "飞ing". It was originally a Korean book and was translated to Chinese. The author Park Kwang Soo is a renowed comic artist whose works have been published on the various newspapers in Korea. His work often bring great inspiration to people and have often been referred as the pop-eye the sailorman.

"飞ing" talks about love, life and things that touched him. There is no mentioned of what happened to the author previously, but he said that the book marks an opening of a new chapter in his life.

I flipped through it and find it quite interesting. The book is quite similar to 小王子 that has a lot of interesting comic pictures with some weird philosophy on life. I never really like those kind of books as I always thought they are too "Ah Q".
There are some lines that I thought was quite true and inspirational. I translated some of them in English:

  1. Life is just like a pot of water. Water in a smaller pot will boil faster. Therefore, don't be too happy when your water boils faster than the other's.
  2. If only. If only, I have told that person that I love that person, if only, I have apologise to the person etc... If only is the past tense of now, instead of regretting about things that you could have done, why not do now so that you will not regret in the future.
  3. In this world, how can anyone not left any scars in their heart?
  4. Only memory is forever...
  5. Strangely, everything in this world has a name. Actually when we name something, we are somewhat restricting the potential of the thing. Things can sometimes do much more.
  6. Unconfessed love is like fresh milk that has not been finished but already passed its' expiry date. The feelings like freshness have reduced with time.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sticky India's Carrots - 天啊,连萝卜都在减肥...

几天前逛24小时营业的Mutafa Shopping Centre时候, 看到从印度进口萝卜。天啊,一个个都瘦巴巴的,跟我们平时在超级市场买的那些肥肥的马来西亚或澳洲萝卜比较, 真的是天边之别。印度人怎么会吃得饱,吃得胖呢?而且还$3.90 一公斤,你们会买吗?

I was at Mustafa Shopping Centre earlier. At their supermarket section, I saw this sticky carrots. Goodness, they looked so different from the usually Australian ones in NTUC. How does Indian people feed themselves from these sticky-thin carrots? Will you all buy?

Friday, August 10, 2007



在这里 !

那天刚好到家楼下买东西,看见草丛中躲了一只猫。 它可能是在那里躲太阳吧,又或许觉得草丛中比较安静,不需要到处躲避来往的人朝。我也真想跟它一样可以安静的休息一下。。。

Thursday, August 9, 2007