Wednesday, August 29, 2007

To Aim or Not to Aim

When I saw this poster, I thought I went to the wrong toliet. It was in the ladies and I was thinking then WTH is it doing here? Should it be in the Gents?

Then while editing the picture, it strike me that they are applicable to the squatting ones as well. (Aha!)

The next question that came to my mind is it intentional or not for it to be there. (Can ask Level 12 if you want to know.)

If it is intentional, don't whoever that put it up ever considered how to ask the ladies to aim well when guys cannot even do it properly*? I am sure that ladies tried their best.

* To clarify, I do not know the actual situation in the gents, but am assuming based on the poster's illustration. Most of the ladies in reputable buildings are clean and acceptable so far.

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