Friday, April 13, 2012

Chung King Express Deleted Scenes

Chungking Express is one of my favourite movies of all time. I found these two videos on YouTube. Wong Kar Wai explains the inspiration and concept behind the movie.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Do women hate beautiful woman?

I was amused reading this article written by a British columnist Samantha Brick titled “Why women hate me for being beautiful”.

In the column, Brick said that her “pleasing appearance” have been a mixed blessing. She shared with examples of how she have had many treats and leeways from men because of her “lovely looks” but at the same time she felt that she was being ostracised by women because of her “beauty”.

In the concluding paragraph, Brick hoped that as she turned 41 year old, the grey hair and wrinkles will quickly appear so that she could blend in the background. And those women who felt “threatened by her looks” will come to accept her for who she is.

“Wow” was my first reaction after reading the column, then it was followed by this thought - “so this is what it takes to be a columnist, hmmm?" (Just joking)

I must say judging from the photos, she doesn't appear to be particularly attractive, looking from an Asian perception. It could be that she is more charming in real person and we couldn’t tell. 

Also from the tone of the article, she had appeared to be very confident of her looks, too confident in fact that it had came off as arrogant. And I thought that she had no more female friends, but yet those friends she consulted seem to share similar sentiments as her that she had been a victim of her looks.

I agreed that good looking people may have more baggages than the average-looking us in proving that they have capabilities as well. 

But why blame all things on looks and not other factors? I thought that was a pretty shallow observation. Why didn’t she and her friend look at things in a more objectively and critically way? Maybe it’s the way she behaves, the way she talks and the way she carries herself that is offending and not looks.

I read an article about body language before and it states that women in general are more sensitive to reading other communication signs. It could be that her body language had offended people even before she speaks.
I find that to be highly plausible after reading her entry, ok column, in greater details.

She wrote that “…but when you have a male boss, it’s a different game: I have written in the Mail on how I have flirted to get ahead at work, something I’m sure many women do.”

Wouldn’t this tell you something about her character? She is quite an opportunist isn’t it? As oppose to her sentiments, I don’t think many woman flirt to get ahead at work. Many women I know get ahead through capabilities and hard work. Then if she is willing to flirt to get ahead at work, wouldn’t she also flirt to get special privileges, recognitions and earn good impressions from men. She must have done so very often that it had become her second nature in front of other women’s spouses as well.

If she still didn’t get it, it is her flirting antics that are putting women off.

I remember reading this quote from twitter and I think it aptly described vain women like her:

Behind all their personal vanity, women themselves always have an impersonal contempt for woman – Fredrich Nietzsche

Monday, April 9, 2012

Monitor Lizard Spotted!

I had a laugh the other day reading Channel News Asia that some Seng Kang residents had mistaken a monitor lizard for a crocodile.

Can't really blame them for mistaking a monitor lizard for a crocodile, isn't it? Singaporeans are mostly city dwellers and it is not like we get to see a monitor lizard everyday.

Anyway, I spotted a similar monitor lizard during a hike. It’s cute isn’t it?


Sunday, April 8, 2012

In Full Bloom

I took my Nikon D5100 camera out last week for a test shoot. Here is a preview of its micro function.


A beautiful white flower in full bloom after the morning rain.


Is this the smallest orchid in the world? I remember seeing the Malaysia Tourism Board commercial and there is a brief mention of Malaysia has a species of orchid that is hailed as the World’s smallest flower. I found this particular flower growing among the grass and it looked pretty similar to the one featured in the commercial. Anyone knows whether the smallest orchid can grow in Singapore too?


This is another random flower which I found growing in the grass patch. Its beautiful isn’t it?

Beautiful sights like these flowers are everywhere, but how many of us ever notice their existence?

Saturday, April 7, 2012

That 10000th ride

I see life is just like one big ferris wheel. One that is probably bigger than the Singapore Flyer or the London Eye.


One moment, you could be moving upwards to the high point of your life. At the next moment, you could be going downwards to a low point yet again. But neither of these moments are permanent as life is constantly changing and constantly moving.

The game will probably only ends when your turn in a ferris wheel is up and it is time to get off it.

To some, a turn in the ferris wheel is enough. They had already see what they want to see, experience their turn to the fullest and do whatever they want to do in that one turn. Hence, these people will never return. They never believe that they will return anyway. After which, they will enjoy life elsewhere.

To some others, they will continue to queue for a ride in the ferris wheel. Not that they have a choice really, but they had to go onto the ride again and again. They are taught that the action they took in this moment will lead to a consequence in the next moment. The ride will only ended when they finally could see the bigger picture. 

Someone had once did the maths before. It took about 500 turns in the ferris wheel before two complete stranger can pass by each other. Add another 500 turns in the ferris wheel before two of you can even exchange a glance while you are walking down the street. Add another 500 more turns to the total of 1000 turns before the two of them can even utter a hallo and goodbye.

The probability for you to share a capsule in the ferris wheel with some people probably took more than 10000 turns before it can happened.

I am sure if people had knew about the statistics, they would probably cherish the ride more, especially to those people whom they are currently sharing a capsule with… And maybe people wouldn’t be so self-righteous in thinking that they can have an opinion on who shouldn’t be sharing a capsule with who. 

The thing is that not all people stay throughout the ride. Some had to alight half-way through the ride before you even had the chance to know them. You may beginning to make some friends in the capsule. Just as the beautiful sun setting view came on and you turned to them, wanting to point out the beautiful view when you realised they may have already left for another capsule.

It may be sad that you do not have anyone to share a beautiful sun setting moment with, but the big ferries wheel never stops. It may have sunk at this moment, but come tomorrow morning it will rose again just like the sun will always do.

Maybe at the next sun set, there will be someone at your side admiring the beautiful scenery together. Someone who have taken that 10000 rides just to locate the capsule you are in to be with you.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

王菲 - 大開眼戒

如基因可以分解再裝嵌 重組我什麼都不要緊 ...


不要著燈 能否先跟我 摸黑吻一吻
如果我 露出了真身 可會被抱緊
驚破壞氣氛 誰都不知我 心底有多暗
如本性 是這麼低等 怎跟你相襯

* 情人如若很好奇 要有被我嚇怕的準備
試問誰可 潔白無比

# 如何承受這好奇 答案大概似剃刀鋒利
願赤裸相對時 能夠不傷你
(但你知一個人 誰沒有隱秘)

當你未放心 或者先不要 走得這麼近
如果我 露出斑點滿身 可馬上轉身
早這樣降生 如基因可以 分解再裝嵌
重組我 什麼都不要緊 假使你興奮
Repeat * #

幾雙手 幾雙腿 方會令你喜歡我 順利無阻
你愛我 別管我 幾雙耳朵 共我放心探戈
Repeat *

如何承受這好奇 你有沒有愛我的準備
若你喜歡怪人 其實我很美