Saturday, April 7, 2012

That 10000th ride

I see life is just like one big ferris wheel. One that is probably bigger than the Singapore Flyer or the London Eye.


One moment, you could be moving upwards to the high point of your life. At the next moment, you could be going downwards to a low point yet again. But neither of these moments are permanent as life is constantly changing and constantly moving.

The game will probably only ends when your turn in a ferris wheel is up and it is time to get off it.

To some, a turn in the ferris wheel is enough. They had already see what they want to see, experience their turn to the fullest and do whatever they want to do in that one turn. Hence, these people will never return. They never believe that they will return anyway. After which, they will enjoy life elsewhere.

To some others, they will continue to queue for a ride in the ferris wheel. Not that they have a choice really, but they had to go onto the ride again and again. They are taught that the action they took in this moment will lead to a consequence in the next moment. The ride will only ended when they finally could see the bigger picture. 

Someone had once did the maths before. It took about 500 turns in the ferris wheel before two complete stranger can pass by each other. Add another 500 turns in the ferris wheel before two of you can even exchange a glance while you are walking down the street. Add another 500 more turns to the total of 1000 turns before the two of them can even utter a hallo and goodbye.

The probability for you to share a capsule in the ferris wheel with some people probably took more than 10000 turns before it can happened.

I am sure if people had knew about the statistics, they would probably cherish the ride more, especially to those people whom they are currently sharing a capsule with… And maybe people wouldn’t be so self-righteous in thinking that they can have an opinion on who shouldn’t be sharing a capsule with who. 

The thing is that not all people stay throughout the ride. Some had to alight half-way through the ride before you even had the chance to know them. You may beginning to make some friends in the capsule. Just as the beautiful sun setting view came on and you turned to them, wanting to point out the beautiful view when you realised they may have already left for another capsule.

It may be sad that you do not have anyone to share a beautiful sun setting moment with, but the big ferries wheel never stops. It may have sunk at this moment, but come tomorrow morning it will rose again just like the sun will always do.

Maybe at the next sun set, there will be someone at your side admiring the beautiful scenery together. Someone who have taken that 10000 rides just to locate the capsule you are in to be with you.


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