Thursday, February 9, 2012

I did it again…

I admit I have been an inconsiderate, lazy spoilt brat who have caused a lot of inconveniences.

For all the mess I have created, I should bury myself six feet under and rot.

Why can’t I just follow the norm and do what was required, instead of being so ambitious? Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you. I just couldn’t live with an easier life, don’t I?

Why can’t I just stick to the rules and try not break any of it?

Then in the irony of all these mess, I have also unwillingly build up an anticipation so huge that I may not be able to fulfill it.

I should have learnt the lesson already... I feel very sorry and I really didn’t meant it. 

On a separate note, I am quite upset that people are not taking me seriously.

I am indeed a diploma grad and I took a degree course from private school. God and perhaps my lecturers, will know how hard I have worked for the degree course but the stigma reminds.

People don’t believe in the standard of a private school. Indeed, it perhaps cannot compare with the local trinity, but does it meant that all that I have studied and worked so hard for are just a mirage. I will not make any sense at all in my points.

I wonder why I worked so hard for then all these years… Have all the lecturers been lying to us then?

Disappointed with self…

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