Saturday, February 4, 2012

The lesson of fairness and equality

For those who still want to argue about fairness and equality, get this very clear - nothing is fair and some people are indeed more equal than others.

Last lag of the graduation race and I realised that there is an award for the best performing student of the cohort. I guess I am out of the race. Surely, there is someone who has scored more As than me. One of my groupmates might be. Her results are neck in neck with me. And I think I might have lost to her because of the liabilities of a few more Cs, thanks to Mr Spoonfeeder, the crazy woman and Ms Heels.

I feel very strongly that they haven’t been very fair to me. They have marked me down unfairly.

If it is not us, there are also few others who are quite hardworking as well. Maybe they had a smoother sailing academic life than us, who knows.

Ok, I have never set out to top the class and I probably can’t. But to see that I could have a close shot at it and miss it, that is just disappointing.

Anyway, I better go and finish my final assignment. I had again chosen a difficult route for myself… Long story in short, it has to do with reading tea leaves again.

Wish me luck!

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