Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The almost ended glamourous era - Goodbye Feng Fei Fei

I had a shock yesterday to read that Taiwan's evergreen superstar - Feng Fei Fei died of lungs cancer. What is even more shocking was how she had died exactly one month ago, but news of her death had only surfaced now in this media savvy time and age.

Feng had left final words with her lawyer to keep news of her death under wrap until the Chinese New Year has passed. It was reported that she doesn't want her fans to be sad during the festive season...

I find this act very considerate, touching and admirable. Sometimes public figures like singers and actors kept lamenting that they are humans too and how they weren't getting enough privacy that they forgot that they have a responsibility to be answerable to their fans.

Feng Fei Fei understands her position and has handled the matter in the best interest of her fans... Maybe that is why she has many ardent fans and followers who are willing to wait twenty years for her return from hiatus.

There is something about stars from the past decades.

I mean look at her performance. It represents the glorious and glamourous age of stars and stardom. People like Feng Fei Fei, Teresa Teng, Leslie Cheung and Anita Mui are not merely singers, but charismatic performers. They are stars. Their mere presence already heightens the performance before they even start singing.

And then take a hard look at the current Asia pop arena,  how many of the singers can really sing, not even talking about singing live even and perform like they do? There are some, but one can probably count them with one hand.

Not sure what is missing, but there aren't any stars from the younger batch of singers. If this is considered as the end of an era, then the last star still shining in current pop arena is probably Zhang Hui Mei.

Maybe there is some truth in this saying after all - Star are born and not made.

Feng Jie, thank you all the many classics and may you rest in peace.

凤飞飞 - 相思爬上心底

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