Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I sometimes go to the library during weekend afternoon to spend time. Yes, I got no life and I do read for leisure. :P (Many people thought I do not read at all.)

Last Saturday, I happened to find this comic book on the shelf at the reference section by accident. The title of the book is "飞ing". It was originally a Korean book and was translated to Chinese. The author Park Kwang Soo is a renowed comic artist whose works have been published on the various newspapers in Korea. His work often bring great inspiration to people and have often been referred as the pop-eye the sailorman.

"飞ing" talks about love, life and things that touched him. There is no mentioned of what happened to the author previously, but he said that the book marks an opening of a new chapter in his life.

I flipped through it and find it quite interesting. The book is quite similar to 小王子 that has a lot of interesting comic pictures with some weird philosophy on life. I never really like those kind of books as I always thought they are too "Ah Q".
There are some lines that I thought was quite true and inspirational. I translated some of them in English:

  1. Life is just like a pot of water. Water in a smaller pot will boil faster. Therefore, don't be too happy when your water boils faster than the other's.
  2. If only. If only, I have told that person that I love that person, if only, I have apologise to the person etc... If only is the past tense of now, instead of regretting about things that you could have done, why not do now so that you will not regret in the future.
  3. In this world, how can anyone not left any scars in their heart?
  4. Only memory is forever...
  5. Strangely, everything in this world has a name. Actually when we name something, we are somewhat restricting the potential of the thing. Things can sometimes do much more.
  6. Unconfessed love is like fresh milk that has not been finished but already passed its' expiry date. The feelings like freshness have reduced with time.

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