Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Communicating with Men - Part One

Just for laughs, I spoke to someone, a man, on the phone today. I felt very strange that there are long silents pauses after my questions. I had expected him to answer straight, but he plaused very long. I almost thought the line was cut off. I mean this is not typical when talking to a woman. Later, I thought perhaps he thinks that we are talking into walkie talkie and I should say "over" before he would reply my questions.

Then it strike me. Men and women think and operate differently. To effective communicate with each other, there are some interesting points that women have to take note of. For example:

1: When men gave a suggestion, he is not really open to objections. He expects and will do whatever to get you to agree with him. You just have to follow his ideas.

Explaination: Men believed that they know the best. They believed... but we know it is otherwise...

2: Always act stupid. Or at least try to be convincing.

Explanation: Men get intimated easily when you appeared to be smart. (my friend's theory)

3: Need help? Appear weak and frail, not forgetting to feed their ego a bit to get them going

Explanation: Every men has a "hero" in them. They never hesitate to help the "weaker" sex. I have never fail to get my brother to change fish tank water using this method.

4: When pointing out mistakes, suggest subtlely.

Explanation: Tell him straight will hurt their ego. Smart women will make men think that they can resolve problems by themselves. (I have not master this yet.)

5: Speak slower and be precise.

Explanation: Men are like old computer running on window 95. They cannot process a lot of things fast.

6: When men talk, listen attentively.

Explanation: Apparently I was told, men feel very flattered that someone would give all their attention to them.

7: To get a good impression, laugh at their jokes (even though it is not funny)

Explanation: This apply to your boss too. I read it off a body language book that in courtship process women tend to laugh more at the jokes of the men they like most.

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