Friday, June 6, 2008

My darkest fear ...

I have a confession to make - I am terrified of dogs (mutiply that feelings about 10 times). Yes, go ahead and laugh. For no obvious reasons, as long as it is a dog regardless of the size, I would get very frighten and tense when one is around me. Since young, I would keep a distance from them when I see them walking from far. I was so particular that I would not even walk past a neighbour house if they had a dog at home.

Ya, dog barks are scary too.

Then last Wednesday, as usual I just got off the feeder bus and saw this neighbour with her cute small white terrier at the lift lobby. Of course I am not going to take the same lift as her, thus went to check the mailbox, so that I could take the second lift. The lift came pretty soon and she went up.

I took the next lift alone and felt relived that the dog was out of sight. Little that I know that I was happy too soon. The lift door opened and I almost fainted on the spot.

Me screamed: " ARGHHHHH~~!" (Squeezed myself towards the back of the lift)

Outside was a lady with this dog:


ME: " NO! NO! I am not coming out ! YOU DON"T COME IN, YOU... "

Lady tried to comfort me:"Don't be afraid... He don't bite (me thinking as if...) Just come out from the side. "

Lady to dog: "Sit !"

Me no longer know what I am doing except to leave the place: "No, I am not coming out. I want to go down. Let me go down first and I will press the lift up again!"

*Frantically pressing the close door button.

Lady getting impatient:" No~! I have to wait very long. You come out now!"

*Frantically pressing the open door button.

Dog: Look bored.

Me beg:" No. I want to go down ~~"

*Sweating profusiously. *Frantically pressing the close door button.

Lady command: " You come out from the side fast~! He will not bite you! "

*Frantically pressing the open door button.

Dog moving about like it was going to rush into the lift soon.

Me give up. Eyes fixed hard on the dog and tried to move out by sticking as close to the side as possible.

Fortunately for me, I was out in one piece. Unfortunately for her, lift door closed.

Lady cursed : "SHXX! See! my lift gone down already! "

I have no guts to answer back as am afraid that she might release her dog on me.

I have never run so fast since such a long time ago...

Went home. Told my mum what happened. She laugh out loud and sneered :" I thought you want to keep a dog?"

Me ...

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