Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Velocity - Mingles (With Friends)

Days before she left, we gathered at Mingles cafe for a private lunch. This time round, we kept it to a small group with only the few of us. As usual, we chat, joke, gossip, banter hoping that the good time would last forever, but of course nothing ever will.

They just expanded the cafe to accomedate more customers and it was beautifully renovated.

The menu was also revamped. Besides the usual sausages and rostti, Mingles now has ALL DAY Super Value set from $14.90 ++ for soup, main course, drink and dessert. When I say is super value, it is really super value! The food and dessert all comes in a good portion !

Fish and Chips - Freshly Fried

Honey Glazed Chicken Steak with Side Salad

Chicken with Mushroom Sauce and Side Salad

The best thing is their dessert! A full sized one despite the huge main course. One can choose either one of the following choices:

Classic Brownies with Vanila Ice -Cream

Waffles with Ice Cream of your Choice. I chosen Mango Sorbet!

Or simply Two balls of Ice Cream of Your Choice !!! The above are Green Tea and Strawberries Cream ! Yummy ~!

What more could we ask for? Value Price, Good Food, Friends and Laughers... Hope you are happy in your new place, we will miss you... Until the next time, we shall "Mingles" again.

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cloudmuse said...

Looks of reasonable portion indeed. Much more substantial than the sausages that they used to serve - though those were good (but prices a bit high).
Enjoy! But then, when eating with friends, the meal's usually better. :)