Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bugis Junction - V8 Cafe

Besides Suntec, Bugis is my next favourite shopping area. I sometimes would go pray at the Guan Yin Temple near by before dropping by Bugis to do some window shopping. Speaking of which, think I have not dropped by for quite sometime.

Whenever I am at Bugis with friends or there was once I was working with a huge group of colleagues at a Hotel near-by for our DnD. Our group leader asked where should we have lunch at Bugis. The food courts are always crowded and he wanted cheap and good food where everyone can have lunch comfortably. I immediately suggested : "V8 Cafe! "

Off we went and he commented later that I made a good suggestion. Here is why.

Food prices at V8 cafe is cheap. You can get a decent main course for as low as $8.90++ ! The ambience is definately better than food court and it is not as crowded as the food court. For entertainment, they even have movies playing in the cafe itself. Food although cheap, but taste good!

Ham and Mushroom Spaghatti in Tomato Sauce - $8.90

Grilled Lamb Chop - $12.90

Baked Rice cost $8.90 too !!!

For those who have never heard of V8, it is quite hidden away from public view. It is located at Third Storey in Parco Bugis Junction, near Amore Gym. It used to be a subsidary cafe for Sony store, but Sony have since moved out. You may have to wait a little as there are often quite a number of people waiting for dinner, but their table turn-over rates are quite fast !

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