Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New Voices to Look Out For !

Jillian Marie Thomas - Que Sara Sara.

I was surfing net when my brother told me that I had to listen this voice. I quote he says " I heard this person sing in the radio just now, She sing so well. You must listen to her. Wah, her voice is so nice, but doesn't match the face... " I stared hard at him. Then when I found her on Youtube and it was really outstanding. She is very talented. Not only can she play the guitar, but she was extremely skillful. She sings very well too.

Her music is cross between soul and bossa nova.

Olivia Ong - Sometimes When We Touch

I was at Marina Square with my friends, queueing at ATM near a CD shop. Then out came this simple guitar acommpaniment and a very simple voice singing - Sometimes when we touch. I was amazed by her verson. I have not heard voice that is so pure for so long and her's was so touching. Her cover is simple to the point without being too technical. I went into the CD shop to check out who was the singer and learnt that it was Olivia Ong, a Singaporean somemore!

This song was in the her latest CD. I urge everyone to go buy it. It is smoothing and can touch your soul.

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