Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Simple Life

What would be an ideal life? If you asked me, I actually crave for a simple life. I would want to live in the country side, rear some animals (not for eating) and grow a garden full of vegetables and herbs that you can imagine.

I will cut down on all my Wants and try to live essentially with only Needs. Spend time doing things that are more meaningful and treat people who cares and really matters sincerely.

By then, there is no need to interact with so many people. No need to scheme and fight among one another. No need to say politically correct things or to do things just for the sake of impressing others.

Imagine having to live otherwise. What is the meaning of life then?

Start getting a life. A simple life, that is.

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日光。玉 said...

I totally agree with you! Can we be neighbours and share our vegetables? I intend to grow fruit trees, carrots, potato, chili, beans, kailan, tomatoes etc. And have a lotus pond too. =)with guppies in it.