Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Red Box @ Plaza Low Yatt (Kuala Lumpur)

As mentioned earlier, instead of the usual 3 days 2 night KL trip, we extended an additional day this time round, thus we have more time to try new things in KL. Being a vivid karaoke hobbist, how can I missed the chance to sing at Red Box - Malaysia's equivalent of Kbox? On the first night of our trip, we went to Red Box @ Plaza Low Yatt (Malaysia's equipvalent of Sim Lim Square).

If anyone from Red Box ever stumped upon this entry, please note this paragraph. We combed the whole building looking for the elusive karaoke outlet. It was stated on the website and pamphlet that the outlet was located at level 3, but the outlet is located in basement. Can you all update the website and your pamphlet on the error? We had to ask so many people just get to your outlet...

But wait, then there is more.

In Singapore, level 3 would mention the 3 storey above ground level, however for those we have been to Malaysia would know that somehow their numbering system is very different from us and is somewhat complicated. They like to labelled what we commonly know as basement in Singapore as ground level which is G. Then there is level ground level which is LG which might be the first storey in Singapore's numbering terms. Here comes the complicated part, below ground level , they labelled storey below that as basement. Then don't know why, sometimes street level can be level 3 (this is what happened in Pavillon). My god, it never fails to confuse us. Can anyone do something to simplify the numbering of floors to make them tourists and shoppers friendly?

As I was saying, luckily we asked around and was told that Red Box Low Yatt was located in the basement. But then we encountered with the next problem - we had a hard time locating the basement. (Don't believe? Try it yourself next time when you are there.) The usual ecalator somehow does not go down to the basement and one has to look for the special escalator to make our way down. Upon reaching there, my jaw almost dropped off. There is nothing in sight, but carpark...

Ok, are we misled to the carpark by mistake?

Then tucked in a corner, we spotted a big familar sign that reads " Red Box"!!! Wow, this is the first time that I got to know that basement carpark can have business outlets too. It is quite a brilliant idea to use up unneeded parking spaces.

Even though it was located in the basement, the design and decor of the outlet was quite good.

Bright and comptemporary just like any other karaoke outlet.

We reached there at about 9 pm (could have reach earlier if not for the confusing floors). For RM 58++ (RM 62 nett), we can sing until 4 am, 2 drinks (can be alcholic drinks somemore), snacks, dinner buffet and supper buffet! RM 62 dollars is about $26 dollars after conversion. I don't think any of our local karaoke outlet can match that kind of offer...

There are quite a wide selection of food at the buffet table. They are mostly simple fare such as fried mee siam bee hoon, fried rice, sweet and sour fish, scallops (not very fresh though), roasted chicken, freshly cooked Ramley burger and mock shark fin soup etc. The taste is acceptable given that karaoke is the main reason why we are there .

Crew service was quite friendly and (of course) communicated in Cantonese, we were led to our room. I find it reasonably big for 3 of us. I was pretty impressed with the karaoke system. Firstly, they gave us 3 wireless microphone! Usually in Singapore, the maximum you going to get is 2 microphones and wired kind somemore, but they gave 3 just like that. The best thing is that 3 of us can sing together without the microphone shrieking! How amazing is that?

They used stickers as identification for customers on buffet package. 3 wireless microphones just nice for the 3 of us.

The screen was quite big too, but just one little complain that the music level was a little big too loud at the mimmum volume. There is no other control for us to adjust it further.

Different karaoke outlet has different remote control. However, for the above, we never figured out how to use theirs and had to ask the crew member to show us. It was quite embarrassing then.

I must say this karaoke experience was really an eye opener. I never knew karaoke operators can provide that many services. For example, Red Box would lend customers charger so that you may charge your handphone in the room using one of the two power points provided. There is also free WIFI at the outlet so that customers can surf the net while it is someone else's turn to sing. Strangely, Singapore's karaoke outlets do not usually provide such services while in comparison, we had to pay much more for purely karaoke session. Hmmm...

Perhaps like what my friend, Mandy has said "Singapore karaoke outlets probably provided lousier services compared to Taiwan's, Beijing's and Malaysia's." Well, let's all aspire to provide better services then. :)

Verdict: Quite worthwhile. Food ok. Besides Low Yatt, there are two other outlets at Sungei Wang Plaza and Pavillon in Bukit Bintang area. Red box has just opened a new outlet at The Garden in Mid-Valley. For Singaporeans who wish to visit Red Box, well there are 2 outlets "nearer" to Singapore which is at Pelangi Plaza and Jusco respectively.

Visit their website for more details : http://www.redbox.com.my/

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