Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Cat and I (II) - More amazing feats~!

I just have write this down.

Remember the cat which I wrote about earlier on? Something amazing happened again. I do not think I can treat her like a stray cat anymore. She's such a darling. I mean how many of you can summoned a cat? If you have pet dog at home, how long must you train to get it to respond with a call? Even when it does, it's normal for dog to do so, but a cat, a stray cat, what are the odds for it to do so?

I just did it almost with any difficulties... and I am just as surprise as anyone that I can do that. I must have done a lot of good deeds in my past life to deserve her responding to me like that. I am really very touched by it. Which is why, I always stressed that people should really treat animals better. They have instinct, they have conscious, they react to love, so don't just look down on them because you think they are animals, they cannot communicate with you, they are lowly. Please do treat them better!

With that special ability, I can't help but to flaunt my relationship with the cat to my family members. I showed it to my mum one day while walking home and my mum was so amazed. She said that I must have such a strong affinity with the cat thus she would response back to me like that.

Today, I went down to feed it again. I saw her from afar that she was eating someone else's food. I closed in and saw her chomping down the nasi lemak fish quite fast. A bit disappointed and jealous that she was fed, I made the call and walk away. Guess what? She gave up the food and followed me. See, she chose me rather than food~!

Anyway, I thought I played with her a while before opening up the canned food to feed her. Leaning on a low wall, I was petting her head. Then suddenly, I thought I saw she had that preparing to jump body language. I wonder if she had wanted to jump up onto the low wall, thus tried by moving to the side, giving her some space and point my finger on the wall to signify "here, jump here".

Guess what? She jumped on top of the wall where I pointed~! Shocked! I petted her more and then think will she response if I want her to come down? Therefore, I point my finger on the ground and asked her to come down. She did the same!!! Seriously, has she been to the circus before? Unbelievable, I tried the act twice to confirm she responded to my command and she did!!!

Then just now, I thought I showed my brother what I can do with the cat. He was so shocked and amazed that I could summon her with a call. However, that is not all. I then walked over to the low wall with her followingly closely behind and showed my brother the wall trick. He laughed and was dumb-struck.

It is just too bad that we lived in very small HDB flat and that we cannot have a pet cat at home. Otherwise, I am more than willing to give her a home which she so much deserved...

How can I not love her?

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