Friday, November 28, 2008

Other sights of Kuala Lumpur

More photos on KL street sights.
This photo was taken opposite Petaling Street. This old looking shopping centre called Kota Raya. There used to be a plus sized clothing store inside, but I could not find it when I was there the last time...

An old fashion coffee shop near our Hotel. Singapore used to have a lot of such coffee shops, but many of them have since sold their business or renovated. A pity they wasn't preserved for younger generation to see where people used to eat in the past. Mosaic floorings, wooden staircase, wood chairs with special cravings and marble tables are all unique features of old coffee shops.

As written in Petaling Street entry, local people has no qualms of eating along the streets even when the stall looked dirty. Those local people which I referred to do not exactly looked like poor people but common looking people like office workers and students. Some of us are so pampered that we refused to eat at places without air-con let alone mention street side stalls with poor hygene. It is at such places and instances that you start to appreciate Singapore more.

I noticed a huge number of tourists in KL came from the Middle-East. In fact, their number was so influencial that KL hotels charges peak rates during Middle-East month long summer hoildays in July. In case you are wondering what these people are hawking at, they are in fact watching ...

Yes, the huge crowd was actually looking at this middle-east man singing middle east tune. I failed to understand what was so interesting about this performence then. Is he a great star? I mean he really just stand there and sing only ...

Night Scene of Bukit Bintang - Brightly lited and lined with advertisement billboards.

Night scene from another angle.

I hope the government officials are doing something to ease the Bukit Bintang's traffic. It is probably the first place in the world that has traffic jams at 12 am still. Hmm...perhaps ERP would help?

Ok, Bukit Bintang not only jammed at 12 mid-night. It also remained jam at noon time on a weekday. *Shake head... So, be reminded that during these time, walking might be the faster than taking a cab.

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