Saturday, November 1, 2008

Photosophize has been tagged!!!

I did a search to see what search results my blog would churn out. Guess what? Apparently, one of my food review was noticed by the restaurant and they tagged my entry on their blog. This is so cool!

Read about it - Curry Favor by Photosophize

Then immediately, I read through the entry again, pasted them into word document to check for grammar and spelling errors and goodness, there are quite a bit. Well, English is not my strongest language and is something that I am trying to improve on. This finding is definately going to keep me on my toes on what I write and how I review something.

My style of reviewing something is trying to be as truthful as possible. I try things with an open-mind. If it is good, I would justify on why something is good. If it is bad, I would explain where it could be improved. I do not just discredit everything because one part of it is bad. By writing down my own experiences, I hope my opinon on the things which I have tried and tasted is as fair as possible. Then again, I am not saying that different view is wrong, but rather many things in life like food, art and music are up to individual liking.

Just some days ago, I re-visited one of the food stall which I have commented. There were some changes done to their stall and things which I have commented that they should improve on, they have implemented it. I wondered if it was really my review that did the work...If it is, I hope it improved their business.


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