Friday, October 31, 2008

Body Trappers

Very scare. I am worried that I would be trapped in my own body one day that I will no longer be able to walk, no longer be able to move as I become bigger and fatter...

Discovery Home and Health Channel just now showed "Human Stories" featuring how the world fattest man - Manuel Uribe weighing at 500 plus kg loses weight. He was bed-ridden and can only move his upper body. Weighing him had to resort to using industrial weighing machine and people had to weigh him together with the bed to know how much he weigh. A simple wish of visiting a childhood holiday destination could endanger his life as he might died from the travelling.

Featuring together with him was a women named Misty, who is also suffering from morbid obesity. Better than Manuel, she was not bed-ridden, but was getting too big to walk. A simple task of walking a few steps from the house to her car could make her breathless. Most of the time, she could only sit around and could not do much more. I see the sadness in her eyes when she said that "Driving is the only time that I feel I can move around and see the sun. Driving can supposedly get you to many places, but yet there are a lot of places which I can't go. I haven't been to the mall for years as I cannot walk for very long... "

Morbid obesity is a vicious cycle disease. You eat and get fat. When you get fat, you need to eat more to subtain the body and when you eat more, you get fatter... How is one able to lost weight like this especially if the person is bed-ridden and had very limited movement? Many unempathic people would argue that it was the obese person's fault to eat so much and get fat. However, has anyone thought ever considered that obese people's body might not function the same as a normal person would. A normal person would know the feeling of fullness and would only eating during meal times, but some obese people do not get the feeling of fullness and would have craving to continuing eating and their brain would constantly want them to eat more food.

I understand how they felt, but I could not put down in words to make people understand the dynamics. It is so easy for people to say just eat less and exercise more, it sounded right but when you are not in that position, you are not in the shoes of an obese person, you could not understand how simple things are often the hardest to achieve... Well, if not, why would there be a market to subtain the silming industry and why would they make millions of dollars per year?

Ironic isn't it? It is supposed to be evolution at work, as human adjusted to store fats in body so that they could have a better chance of survival. Now this very evolution trail has become the killer, making it mother nature's epidemic for human...

How I wish I was a catepillar, who have been stuffing myself silly, so that I could metamorphose and wake up as a butterfly... Then again not really, I will stick to walking then.

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