Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Big Sucker Fish Left Us...

Don't why, anything related to us is BIG. The same goes for our goldfishes and the sucker fish. I guess the sucker fish has reached the end of its' time and left us on Monday night. We had it for years and it grown from like 2 cm in length till about 16 cm in length. All we ever feed it was normal fish feeds.

I remember it was pretty aggressive when it first came and would chase around my small small goldfish as they were young. I threatened by telling it that if I find him trying to eat any of the goldfish, I would steam it. Somewhat, it got the message and got tamer after that. Like my goldfishes who would splash around trying to alert me to feed them, the sucker fish would swim to the surface when I got near for feeding time... It has been a very diligent fish keeping the tank clean.

I promised all my fishes that I would bury them when their time is up, thus in the middle of the night, armed with a shove, I frantically dug a hole at a grass patch trying to give it a final resting place. Then, the stray cat which I would sometimes feed, spotted me. Yes, the cat recognised me. I was trying to avoid it as the last thing you want is to see a cat with a dead fish in your hand.

Luckily, I bought with cat food with me, thus lured it far away from the hole I was digging.

May the soul rest in peace and had a better next life if there is really one.

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