Friday, October 24, 2008

Now, who has never taken melamine-affected foodstuff before?

Ok, I am pretty sure all of us have taken melamine-affected foodstuff at some point of our life. I mean now Khong Guan and Julia Biscults from Malaysia are tested to contain melamine as well! My-oh-my, what else is safe to eat?

Just disappointed with Khong Guan, to think their biscults like wheat crackers are given out during tea time at major hospitals. People treated it as healthy snack. How can they contain melamine?

It is time for short-sighted food manufacture companies to wake up and treat their products properly. Don't just be zealously concerned about making profits, neglecting the quality of your products which eventually would endanger people's lives. Every of your product should be the company's proudest produce since they carry your name and reputation. When something is wrong with your product, profit would be affected at the very first moment, but what is most difficult to recover , and some might not even get it back, is your reputation and name!

Instead of being the most profitable food manufacturer, why not also be the most consciencious food manufacturers too. When high quality food products are produced, the company only stands to benefit with nothing to lose. Instead of earning that extra few bucks, why not earn some respect for a change?

Bosses, just think about it...

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