Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Making of Lychee Martini Jelly (Konnyaku)

The weather was exceptionally hot these few days. I have been craving for some ice-cold konnyaku jelly to freshen up, thus decided to make some. There is no recipe pe say for making Konnyaku or jelly, basically it needed water, jelly powder, sweetener and flavour. I decided to play around with the basic ingredients to create an adult version.

Needless to say, I love lychee, thus it would be the main flavour for my alcoholic jelly aptly named Lychee Martini Konnyaku.

You will need:

1 Packet of Konnyaku Powder - Original (unflavoured)
Sweetener - Canned Lychee Syrup instead of sugar
Vodka or any clear alcohol spirit (Depending on how strong you want to taste the alcohol)
For some fizz, soda water

Measurement of the rest of the ingredients depended greatly on your Konnyaku powder.

Explaination (needed a bit of calculation) - Let's say your brand of konnyaku powder required 1000ml of water, x grams of sugar and little amount of artificial flavouring. Instead of using them, I used canned lychee syrup to replace part of the water, sweetener and artificial flavouring. I have to note that whatever amount of liquid that I used, it should not exceed the stated amount of water.

Sweetener - Instead of sugar, I used the canned lychee syrup which is about 330 ml per can. I suggest you should use about 1 and half can of syrup for one packet of powder - 450 ml. There should be no need to add further sugar unless you prefered it to be sweeter.

I also calculated in advance that I will add one can of soda water for some fizz and it is about 330 ml. This should be added lastly to retain the fizz bubble.

The total liquid content will thus add up to 780ml. The difference will be topped with plain water to make it the total of 1000 ml.

I scooped some of the syrup and water mixture up to mix in the Konnyaku Powder. It should mix with cold solution then poured back to the rest of the solution for a more thorough mix.

Warmed the mixture up in a pot to get it boiling. Constantly stiring it to prevent burning.

When the mixture thickens and boiled, take it off heat. Added in the alcohol. This is so that the alcohol would not evaporate off in the process of boiling. The amount of alcohol to add is up to your preference, as strong as you like it to be. I am still a newbie, thus only added 4 capful and it is still relatively mild. Stir thoroughly. You can also add in colouring at this stage. If the mixture appeared to be hardening, warmed it slightly.

Quickly add in the Soda water lastly to retain the fizz.

In your desired container, add in lychee meat for decoration purposes, but also for a stronger lychee taste.

Scoped in the jelly mixture using a laddle. Try not to move it after that and wait for it to set.
You can also put them in a fanciful ice-cude moulds for individual servings (or rather shots).

One packet of jelly powder can made about this much of jelly. I used different containers and decorated differently as you can see.

Konnyaku harden quite fast. It took only like 10 to 15 mins. I unmounded two of them on a plate. Somewhat, it remained me of a human part anatomy. You know how people would give cocktail drinks with naughty names? I named these jellies "D-Cups". Haha.

Another pattern. I like how the fruits appeared to be floating around in the jelly.

Last but not least "D-cups" with the smaller shots of lychee martini jellies.


Pepper said...

why did you add soda into the konnyaku? but alcohol doesnt solidify, were the jelly soft?

Photosophize [ 影.像.物语 ] said...

I added soda in hope that it will be fizzy when bite into it. Also, there will be beautiful bubbles like struck in the konyaku which I thought looked quite beautiful. The konyaku jelly were not soft at all. Quite chewy. I think it is the propertise of konyaku and will not work with jelly. :)

Pepper said...

thanks. how much soda do you have to add? one whole can? i am planning to try it this weekend :)

Photosophize [ 影.像.物语 ] said...

Hi Pepper,

The amount of liquid to add really depend on your konnyaku powder. You can use normal water to dissolve your konnyaku powder and sugar then add in a bit of soda water to fizz your konnayaku.

The fizz taste is really not that strong, but to enhance the visual appearance. :)