Friday, October 24, 2008

The Cat and I

I adopted a stray cat recently. I don't mean that I bring it home, cause my mum would probably break my leg. I feed it occasionally and we have bonded quite well. I don't remember when the feeding started, but it was probably one of those things that caught my eye.

It has a magnificant coat of pale golden coloured fur, a pair of round and big eyes (think they looked like Faye's...) and has a very curious desposition. I have seen it patroling around my block sometimes and thought it looked very beautiful. I supposed, that fateful day, it was hungry by the way it poked its nose at every corner. Unbearable to let it starve, I went home and open up a can of tuna (soaked in water kind) and feed it.

I made this clicking sound with my tongue while I was trying to attract its attention. The cat took it as my call to her and would respond to it whenever I made it. Cats are just natural pleaser. To get my attention , she would brush herself against my leg playfully, so that I would feed it or pet it. Sometimes, she would hit me with her tail. Of course, I would take a shower after all that touching and brushing.

I could remember the first time I saw her sprinting towards me when I made the call. She was not at her usual resting place and I made the sound several times trying to get her to come and get food. There was no sight of her anywhere and I almost give up, just then I heard some russling from the back and saw her spirinting towards me. It heard me and responded. No words could describe my feelings then. I felt so touched and accomplished. At that moment, I understand why people with pets are likely to be healthier mentally... I was so happy when interacting with it.

The best thing with animals is that it does not judge you , it will be there when you needed them and will respond to you sincerely. Wouldn't the world be nicer place to live in if everyone is like that?

Perhaps, I should get a pet at home to de-stress.

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