Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Who says Bishan don't have good chicken rice?

I walked passed one of the Bishan S-11 coffee shop and the slogan on a poster caught my eye, "Who says Bishan don't have good chicken rice?" highlighted in big, bold red writting. The second line says "Here is one, Bugis - Ming Kee Chicken Rice!" I peaked inside the coffee shop, trying to locate the stall and indeed there was a queue forming at the Chicken Rice stall. Of course, I cannot just pass-by without trying, so off I joined the queue.

Somehow, I find neon light signboard familiar, think I saw this stall at some other places before. Then I somewhat recall that it was at the old Long House Hawker centre prior this place. As if the queue did not exsist, more people joined me and none of them was put off by the possible long wait.

Strangely, the stall do not hang their chickens like all other stalls, but instead they were staked up high in a tray. Though looked ordinary, the pieces of the chicken still looked plump and juicy enough. Their pale yellow coloured chicken skin gittered under the lights looked inviting.

I ordered a large packet for sharing. The wait was worth it. The essential chicken rice, though not as firm as I like it to be, was very fragnant with a nice balance of chicken and ginger aroma. The un-interesting looking chicken pieces , mostly breast meat, were surprisingly juicy and tender. I usually do not eat the skin, but the boiled chicken tasted especially rich in the skin.

Do try out their chicken rice if you happened to be in Bishan area. Btw, that coffee shop has a lot of other heavy weight hawker stalls, such as You Kee Braised Duck Rice and Gao Ji Yong Dou Fu. I must also say that their Zi Char stall looked promising too.

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