Monday, November 17, 2008

Music and Memory

I always thought that music is a very personal thing as the style of music that one like speaks a lot about the person's character. It is even more so for musicians who write their own music pieces and lyric. Each of the work are intimate memory and experience of their lives.

I find it contradicting in a way that the music which they given life to will gain popularity and recognition, but on the other hand they are baring their privacy to the public with minimum reservation. I wondered if it is because of the contradiction that musician often had a hard time explaining to others what kind of messages they want to relate to the people with their work. The music and lyrics are as bare as they stand it.

For common people like you and I, a certain music would also evoke a certain memory of our lives - Couples would have their theme song, an oldies would remind you of your grandparents and how festive songs would bring out the shopping spree reaction in consumers etc.

I also have some songs which represents a certain memory of my life.

My grandmother's favourite song - 热烘烘的太阳

We are always reminded of her when hear this song. I remembered hearing her humming the tune while she is doing housework...

李嘉- 攏是為著你啦

I remembered one day while chatting with my brother about our childhood. He got excited and asked me what this Hokkien song would remind me of. Immediately, I replied "Pasa Malam" which is the correct answer!

王菲 - 开到荼蘼

I was Secondary Four when this song was released. It was year 1999 and there were rumours that that year was the end of the world. Silly me was so worried then that all the people including my family and friends were going to die soon that I scared myself silly on the eve of the rumoured end of the world day. I could not sleep, I remembered, and there was a thunderstorm. I was shaking away in fright at every roar of thunder and was even crying that I cannot see the morning.

Guess what? I did wake up and I even had an English semester test the next day. The topic of the comprehension happened to be on Martians...

一個一個偶像 都不外如此 
沉迷過的偶像 一個個消失
誰曾傷天害理 誰又是上帝 
我們在等待 什麼奇蹟

最後剩下自己 捨不得挑剔 
最後對著自己 也不大看的起
誰給我全世界 我都會懷疑 
心花怒放 卻開到荼蘼

Chubby Checker - Let's Twist Again

I used to dance to this music when young. My uncle used to exercise to this songs when young. Till today, I still have a special liking for oldies rock and roll songs.

An Unexpected Song

I was with the choir when I was in Secondary school. I remembered the choir started out with only 3 students and the choir mistress, Mdm Chen. They were pretty interesting lessons intially. However, as stress mount and the class got bigger, sorry if you are reading this, she would be very emotional and would temper would flare without reasons. However, the good thing is that she is the music teacher as well, thus I always get A for music almost without any difficulties. Then again, I am good in my music to start with, not that she is that biased.

Seriously, I am thankful to her. I am a bit guilty that I did not say hi to her when I visited the school few years back. She recognised me and I saw her looking my way looking smilingly, but knowing me, I am not good with my words, thus did not dare to speak to her. I am very apreciative that she exposed us to a lot of musical songs. I think I learnt to be more cultured from her. The first song that she taught us was Les Miserables' - Castle in a Cloud.

Then, among the songs she introduced us, there was this song named "An Unexpected Song". I love the lyrics a lot as it is pretty touching. She only played the song once and I remembered till today. I almost never heard it before in Singapore and always haboured the idea that I am perhaps the only one in Singapore who knew this song.

Sarah Brightman - An Unexpected Song

An Unexpected Song Lyrics

I have never felt like this
For once I'm lost for words
Your smile has really thrown me
This is not like me at all
I never thought I'd know
The kind of love you've shown me

Now, no matter where I am
No matter what I do
I see your face appearing

Like an unexpected song
An unexpected song
That only we are hearing

I don't know what is going on
Can't work it out at all
Whatever made you choose me
I just can't believe my eyes
You look at me as though
You couldn't bear to lose me

Now, no matter where I am
No matter what I do
I see your face appearing

Like an unexpected song
An unexpected song
That only we are hearing

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