Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sights and Taste of KL Petaling Street Again

The last time I was in KL, I did not manage to take a lot of photos of Petaling Street. This time round, the trip was planned to be more relax as we had an additional day, thus we took some time to savour KL's street food culture.

For those not sure what is Petaling Street and had not read my first entry about it, well it is Malaysia's equivalent of Chinatown. I am not sure how other Chinatown looked like, most of them might be very commercialised already but Petaling Street still retained many of its old markets and street food culture.

I am sure Singaporeans would have seen this before - Man selling roasted chestnuts, but I might have International readers, so have cater to them.

A common sight in markets of most Asian countries - Man selling Roasted Chestnuts.

Although it is called roasting, but in actual fact the chestnuts are "fried" with little black peddles. The black peddles retain heat, thus would allow chestnuts to cook faster. This method of cooking also give the chestnuts a unique smoky flavour. I always wonder if they added sugar in the process of frying as the shell had a hint of sweetness to it.

In the olden days, there are no machine and man had to stir the chestnut constantly. Nowadays with the help of the machine, man still occassionally shoved to hasten the cooking process.

One batch would take about 15 to 20 mins for it to cook through.

For a while, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. It read Dong Teh Mun, but isn't it in Korea? Why is there one embeded in Petaling Street?

Food stalls like the above are a common sight throughout KL and in Petaling Street, there are loads of them. I always noticed a lot of locals would patronise these food stalls which signify that the food are not overly priced and quality should be not bad.

Chopsticks, spoons and forks, chili sauce, pepper, soy sauce are placed on the table for customers to help themselves. I used them before and did not have any problems with it. However, if you have concerns about hygiene, by all means use your own utencils. In fact, we brought our own utencils this time round.

KL's famous Dark Sauce Wanton Noodles (Dried). The wanton dumplings are placed in soup. Here you see pieces of char siew with bits of vegetables with the noodles. Their wanton noodles are typical cantonese style, thus it is not spicy.

Another speciality from the stall, Ipoh Hor Fun with Shredded Chicken pieces. I quite like this actually. The Hor Fun was especially smooth and chewy. It was also drenched in savoury dark sauce which provided enough flavour for Hor Fun and Chicken bits. My only complaint was that it was a bit dry and could do with a bit more sauce.

Do you know what is this? This golden coloured ball is actually fried sweet potatoes ball. The exterior is exceptionally crispy, but interior is chewy and has slight cakey texture. I especially like it that it is not too sweet.

We brought the sweet potatoes balls from the stall above. They sell a number of stuff apart from it. I also brought Heh Bee Hiam spring rolls (spicy dried prawn rolls) from them. They were quite good, might be better than those in Singapore I find.

See, their business was quite brisk while we are there. The owners were busy packing food stuff for customers.

Don't blink. See how fast uncle's hand was moving when making those sweet potatoes ball.

With the help of the ice-cream scope, uncle swiftly shaped the mixture with his hand into ball-shaped and place them onto a tray for frying later.

While walking down the street, we saw traditional looking Chinese pastry shop named "Feng Huang". Their pastry looked good and so we bought the egg tarts and winter melon pastry (lao po bing). The egg tart custard was so delicate that it almost melt in your mouth. The winter melon pastry had bits of winter melon in it and the pastry portion was light. It did not taste as sweet as I imagine it would be.

There were many varieties for one to chose from. All of them looked delicious! I would go back there again.

While in Petaling Street, how can I forget to eat Penang Laksa? The thing is that I cannot find the stall which I patronise the other time. Petaling Street is just like Diagon Alley, one moment it is there, but after a turn, it disappeared and one cannot find it anymore. Luckily for us, there is another stall selling Penang Laksa as well.

The stall look like many others food stalls in KL. It looked shabby and dirty, but so far I have not gotten any trouble eating from these stalls. One should order hot foodstuff to be on the safe side, but avoid drinks cause the ice might not be hygenic.

Their penang laksa is not bad, but the soup is a bit diluted. I would have prefered it to be richer. Nevertheless, the laksa fixed my craving.

Thre are a lot of small small shops selling interesting stuff along Petaling Street. Many of them sell fake branded leather bags and jewelleries. We found this shop selling unique stuff which is interesting slippers.

The cute-looking, furry, fluffy looking slippers comes in various designs. There is even Hello Kitty design slippers, cool~!

Another interesting sight. I saw these fruits-vendors moving their carts around Petaling street perimeter. I wondered if they are trying to find a good location to sell their wares. It is a pretty amazing sight to see them racing along the road with the cars.

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