Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Tis the Season of Angels and Scrooge

My office's Kris Kringle game ended on a happy note, well at least for most of us. I am very very glad that my mortal like my gift and that really made my day. Actually, I am more concerned about her liking my gift than worrying about what I am going to receive from my angel. In fact, that has not really cross my mind until the very last moment.

Most 'angels' are responsible enough to get things that their mortal would really like or useful to them. Like my angel for example went all the trouble to wrap my gift nicely and even made a big card inscripted with my name in gold. I was so happy when I saw it and honestly was even a little proud to see my gift stands out from the rest. There is also another angel who thinks that her mortal should join her in heaven, thus brough her an instructional manual on how to become a goddess. (so cute) Overall, accessories were the favourite gifts and there are a few other things as well.

The Kris Kringle game to me and many others is not just a game where you just anyhow buy anything for the sake of exchanging. It is more than just a game. It is an extention of the spirit of Christmas and friendship. The spirit of giving to make someone happy and feel special on Christmas day, but most importantly building on your friendship.

Of course among all the angels, there will always be a scrooge, who took the Kris Kringle thingy as... I don't know what it meant to her. Seriously, it is not the present that matters but the thoughts that counts, but I just can't even see the thoughts in her present. Let's not talk about her gift being under-budget, I think maybe she bought it from a shop who over-charged her. I would also assume that she did make an effort to chose something whom she thought which is the nicest looking one and that her mortal will like it. I mean that shop must have such good business that it left with that colour and silmy green, so she has actually quite "good" taste to chose that colour over silmy green. Then, somehow at the gift wrapping counter, there is no scissors, so the person had to use the whole big piece of wrapping paper to wrap that small thing and ended up looking like a poh piah... and unfortunate incidents did not just end there. While writing the card, her marker runs out of ink just when she was going to sign off, so she did not manage to leave her name. Tsk tsk...

Well, you can say that I have a biased opnion about her and I might have twisted her good intention, but then it is not only me who thought of her that way. I am just being frank. Thanks to her, she ruined someone else's Kris Kringle mood and shut the door of friendship which people opened up to her... So much for being game enough...

I just hope her mortal/my angel will not be affected by it and that she will have a very Happy Christmas day in return.

Sings " Although it's been say many times, many ways, Merry Christmas ~ To ~ You~~! "

Merry Christmas everyone and have a Good Year ahead !!!


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