Wednesday, January 2, 2008

新的一年, 新的开始!

去年过得不太顺利,虽然有一些意外的收获,但似乎好事都多磨,花钱如流水,人际关系也不太好,最重要的是没有桃花。。。好像还有祸不单行的事件。。。去,去,去, 坏事全都走开!!!


Resolution for 2008

Become Healthier

Losing weight has always been my top priority. It is not an easy task especially when I got a lot of weight to lose. Anyway, somehow, somewhat it didn't work. This year, think I will do something new - I want to become healthier !

I will be a vegetarian on Mondays (to detox) and also make sure that I will go to the gym for at least twice a week. I will try to eat less too.

Save up. Things are becoming more and more expensive. I might have a stable income now, but it is not as much when compared to most of my peers. In my friends' words, I have choosen stability over higher returns. Now that I am older, I have to be responsible to myself and my family. Am worried that if anything happens to my job or me, I might not have enough savings to tide my family or myself over. So, I guess I have to manage my finances seriously from now.

Not that I am mentally unsound or something, but in a way, I feel that I have been depriveing myself of happiness. I tend to worry a lot over small, meaningless matters, so in the coming new year, I want to be happier~!

Think less, Appreciate more !

Hmm... What else do I want to achieve this year?

Thinking hard...

Ps: My computer is down, so I might not be able to write for some time. :) Anyway, Happy New Year everyone ~!

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