Sunday, January 20, 2008

"Where am I going to put my things?!!!!"

Encountered a classic example of an ugly Singaporean @work in the bus yesterday.

A lady occupied a doubleseat in the usual sardine-packed feeder bus. She looked quite beautiful in my opnion with jet black long hair, fair skin, nice make-up with long sleeves white shirt and black pants. Because she was carrying quite a few things with her, thus just conveniently took the other seat to put her laptop bag and stuff.

Up come an old auntie (about 60 plus years old) with her maid. The auntie although can walk, but have weak legs. I saw her maid holding her hands while she boarded the bus. As the bus was quite packed and there are no seats available except the one next the lady. I was standing next to them, thus heard their conversation.

The old auntie approached her and asked politely in Mandarin:" Excuse me Xiao Jie, Can I have the seat inside?"

To my horror, that beautiful lady give the old auntie a hard stare and answered very rudely and loud:" WHERE AM I GOING TO PUT MY THINGS THEN?!!!"

I couldn't believed my ears at all and began to stare at her. The old auntie was a bit taken back by her rude reply but still smilely explained to her:" Xiao Jie, there are no other seats, please. Otherwise I will take them..."

The lady didn't really budge after hearing the plea from the old auntie. I could not take her rude behaviour anymore and commented:" Seats are meant for people lor ~!!!" and gave her a hard cold stare.

The lady throw me a dirty look but then embarrassly proceed to move her things away from the other seat for the aunty. I swear from her look, I could almost hear her cursing "Big Fat Pig"at me in her head... Throughout the journey, I looked normal occassionally looked her way lest she might thought I am afraid of her. And she of course looked gumpy and kept throwing dirty looks at me. As if I care... Honestly, I am prepared to quarrel with her if she dare answer back. I have never met such rude person before especially a lady somemore.

Don't know why, after hearing her rude remarks, she no longer looked beautiful, in fact she looked hideous !!! Funny remark. I also don't know where she can put her things.

Dear Lady,

All of us paid for the bus fare, thus we have the same rights to occupy a seat. Bus seats are meant for people and especially for people who needs them. Have you been too busy and concerned about other things like maybe your looks and money that you didn't know you should give up our seats for pregnant women and old people? Well, then again, it might be your first time on a feeder bus, so usually this is what polite people will do.

If you think you are carrying too many stuff and needed space for them, take a taxi. By the looks of your Fujitsu laptop and shopping bags, I definately think you can afford it. Don't come and squeeze with us on the already very crowded feeder bus.

With that, we thank you very much and hope not to see you again !!! :P

ps: So much for the good looks... But too bad got an ugly heart. Tsk Tsk...


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