Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Botak Jones - American Botak in Factory

Tuck away between the factories ...

Is anything but a common looking Kopitiam ...
Inside it, there is this stall …

No, I am not talking about the sequel of the movie “American werewolf in Paris”, but another expat decided to bring in their hometown food to Singapore’s hawker centre. This time round, he is an American and botak (bald in Malay)!

His name is Jones, Botak Jones. (Hee Hee)

True to his blood, the food he served is very American I think - the portion are huge ~! I have read about his stall on newspaper before and he has also appeared on TV too. I reckon his food should be quite nice since there are so many reviews, so off I went to bring my mum and brother along to try them out.

Three of us ordered:

Their price is still relatively reasonable and the portion is huge, but the food we ordered is not within my expectation. I should say it is really an acquired taste. Not sure if their food is really that authentic, if it really is, I worry for the Americans. Their food is so fatty and salty. Is like they been too generous with everything, portion, meats, veges, the fats, the cream and even the salt…

The Caesar salad is ok, but I find them a tad too creamy and too salty. I can’t really taste the cheese in their dressing.

Their Cajun chicken breast is not really as tender and juicy as they claim to be. I find it dry. I don't know, but American seem to like that kind of texture. They considered it to be tender and juicy. For example, Carl Junior also served similar texture Chicken Breast and said that they are tender and juicy which is not really so. They must really try our Hainanese Chicken to know what is tender and juicy chicken meat. Anyway, the spices, cheese and cajun sauce combination make the chicken breast meat a bit too salty for my liking.

Their fries although sprinkled with special concocted spices didn’t really have much flavour. Don’t get me wrong, not that it is not salty enough, but somehow they didn’t really have potato flavour. Maybe it is because they are served cold. The only thing that is “really good” (not that we have a lot of choices) is their coleslaw which is light and just nice.

However, the ultimate disappoint is their turkey sausage. I must ask if their turkey sausage is manufactured in Dead Sea or something. It is so salty that I don’t think it is safe for human consumption. (Worried that my brother might have kidney problem after that…)

Didn’t really taste the BBQ chicken wings as I was too full and tongue too numb from all the salty food to taste anything else. In fact, I didn’t manage to find my grilled chicken. I had to "da bao" them back for my other brothers.

I have to say their service is actually quite good, but given all that fats and salt content in their food, I don’t think I will be back again.

Verdict: Beh Jiak - Cannot be eaten in Hokkien. (New Hokkien rating system – Table coming soon) I am rating them based on what we ordered. I find all of their dishes too salty for my liking.

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