Saturday, January 19, 2008

Big Girls Don't Cry...

Last night, I couldn't sleep. I was feeling so down. The much anticipated company annual Dinner and Dance was a total flop. Not only that it damped our partying spirit, but some of us were humilated in front of our bosses and fellow colleagues. Even worse, the insensitive organising committee seems to think the MC is doing an ok job and didn't stop him before the situation got ulgy. Unfortunately for them, it did, the situation was hideous.

The MC - Desmond Lin aka jerk think that it is funny to host the night in a heavily-accented American English which irritated a lot of us right from the start. The crowd responsed coldly to his call and was never warm up. The show was boring and the jokes were bad. We had to entertain ourselves by poking fun at his badly accented English. But that not all...

I assume the organising committee would have gone through the programme with the event company and thus could not understand why they would allow games which undermine women and lewd jokes to be in the show. The committee should know that most of us are conservative sort and would never have appreciate such jokes. How can they allow the horsing game which I think really just want to make fun of women in a very rude way... Not only that, the jerk MC actually "sexual harassed" one of older female colleague by saying that she is akin to Europe - "very developed in all areas" already... I was so pissed off by the way he conducted the game that I had to go toilet to cool down halfway through.

Then the ultimate blow came at the last game. Instead of giving the first and second prizes directly to the winners, the event company and organising committee seems to think that it is fun to keep the potential winner in suspense. They wanted the two potential winners to fight for the prizes. How? By guessing the total weight of the participants, but he had done so in a very malicious way. That jerk went around to select participants to go on stage without informing them what he is going to do with them. He actually came to me first and asked me to go up as one of the participants. As I was still angry with the way he treated the other female colleagues in the earlier games, thus I rejected his request. But he didn't give up and go away, even dare to ask for my name and commented that I was so fierce. Unfortunately, he went away and look for another of my colleague who sportingly agree to do so.

Our table had a shock when he announced that the potential winners had to guess the weight of the participants and he even brought in a weighing machine to weigh every one of the participants ! I immediately understand why he had chosen me because I was very very big size. I was so scare and chills were sent down my spine, I was almost exploited by him to be the butt of the joke. Worse, my poor slightly big size colleague is still on stage going to be exploited by him now. She was panicking... What an evil man! Obviously, the situation is getting tense and ulgy, but none of the organising committee stepped up to stop the show.

I wondered if my colleague did not swear when she was off stage, will the organising committee realised that something is wrong? I mean the chairman was still smiley and all while the game was going on... How can they, all highly educated people be so insensitive? I really feel sorry that this had to happen to her and I don't think anyone of us should deserve this... It pains me and heart wrenching to see her crying so hard at the lobby after the show. I can totally understand what she is going through. It also gives me shudders to think that I was suppose to be that person to be laugh at. Since when is big people's weight is funny and laughable? I wondered why those idiots can laugh with them...

Sad... Mood dampened, Ego Bruised, Self-Confident Shattered, Heart Broken. After all that we have done, educated, look presentable and even with a proper job, people still looked at us as jokes and we are still discrimated because of our body size. Actually, if we have a choice, don't you think we want to be normal? But we can't. Some of us are just born with the fat gene, weight just pound on us even when we eat normal. For us, nothing comes easy as we got to fight the sterotypes images that people had of us.

We didn't ask for much and only wanted respect as how you would treat a normal person. But I guess Singaporeans are not matured enough to do so yet. If so, then leave us alone. We would be thankful for that.

Big Girl, don't cry anymore. What goes around will comes around... Btw, before I forgot, SCREW the Scale , the Jerk and Organising Committee !!!


日光。玉 said...

Thanks for the support. I really was horrified when I realised what they wanted to do to me.

But don't be scared, k. All the more we should hold our heads high and walk tall.

And, your English has improved alot. I read how you described the whole thing and it packs punch and feeling. Keep up the learning spirit.

加油。Fat does not equal stupid. Just as big does not mean not beautiful.

We can be proud of ourselves.

Love ya.

cloudmuse said...

Sorry to hear that the organisation of the event was so badly done. Ever so often, the emcee would play stupid games and make sexist remarks. Sorry to hear of your (all) bad experience.