Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bill Gates' Last Day at Microsoft

You all have to watch this!

If you have not heard of it, Bill Gates is retiring from Microsoft. I heard from news that he quit his day job, so that he can concentrate more on the charity work he founded. He has donated most of his fortune to charity!
Woh, I also need money Mr Gates. Donate to me too!!! Haha.

Of course, someone of his status and creativity cannot just have an ordinary speech, so his farewell speech is in form of a video. Not just any video, but quite an entertaining one. He "acted" as himself seeking employment from his famous friends like Hillary Clinton, Obama, U2, Al Gore, George Clooney etc. It is quite hilarious watching him struggle to proof to them that he can do their work. I don’t think that really him, but he trying to be humourous.

Now, I really like Bill Gates. Humourous people are charming. Hee hee. :)

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