Monday, November 19, 2007

Skip to My Loo

Sings:" Loo Loo, Skip to my Loo ~! Loo Loo, Skip to my Loo ~! Loo Loo, Skip to my Loo, Skip to my Loo, my Darling ~!"

Some misunderstanding arises from the article below. Am I being malicious trying to tarnish someone's reputation? I definately do not have the intention, but somewhat Loo Loo feel hurt. Hai~ Typical me, just speak off my mind without thinking much. I might meant it as a joke, but sometimes people thought I carried too far. The thing is when people are joking about me, I didn't get angry, so why is it that when I joke, they have get so serious? So unfair... If only my words carried that much weight... I know I do. Haha. :P

Don't get me wrong, Loo Loo is a very good friend. She cares a lot about us sometimes and will do things unexpectedly that makes you feel very touched. Like planning the trip to ROM area to absorbed auspicious aura when I am down in luck and a bottle of Bai Feng Wan (expensive one) when she knows that I am a bit weak. She cares for us in her little way. Of course, no matter how good friends are, there are always difference. For the sake of fun, I sometimes play the opposition party to spite her a bit. However, I wish if only I can be as ultra-confident as she is, I might be able to achieve a lot more.

So apart from plants and fruits growing on trees, Loo Loo is very much a city girl who is very good with her maths. I am not as good as her when it comes to numbers. Nowadays, it is very rare that girls know how to cook especially someone as young as her. She love cooking which amazed me and can cook very well. I have eaten her sour plum bee hoon before and it taste uniquely nice.

Loo Loo, do accept my sincerest apology for the inconvenience that I have caused you (if any). To add on, how I wish people would call me a bimbo. . . At least you are attractive. ;)

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