Sunday, November 25, 2007

Novena Square - Curry Favour

No, I don't mean "Sa Kah" that curry favour, but the name of the Japanese Curry House !

Curry is common in Singapore and is a all-time favourite food for Singaporeans. Be it the Indian, Malay or even Chinese ones, Singaporeans like them to be rich, hot and spicy ! Maybe that why, Japanese curry house don't dare to "invade" Singapore yet, for their sweet gooey gooey curry might take some time for Singaporean to acquire its' taste.

I first came to know about Japanese curry from Japan hour. Those Japanese chefs are just like army commander and would stop at nothing to serve good food to their customers. The would follow very strict old, traditional methods and not hesitating to spend hours and hours to prepare food or use extraordinary fresh food items if that is what makes the food so good.

Don't be fool to think that the gooey Japanese curry is very easy cook. Authentic Jap curry is golden in colour. The colour actually comes from the caramelised onions which have to be fried in low heat for 3 to 4 hours in order for them to reach the caramelised stage. Some of their curry are also much healthier as some will add fruits (bananas, apples) and vegetables into it to enhance the sweetness (that why their curry is sweeter). Of course, you don't see them in pieces as they have been stewed for hours and all are melted into the sauce!

Back to Curry Favour, their curry sauce is really nice. Forget about those sweet sweet gooey stuff that you get from normal Jap restaurant. Those probably came from packet stuff. However, for Curry favours' sauce, you can taste that it is made from scratch. They have a bit of texture in it like bits of onions etc stewed to perfection. It must have been stewed for some time to get the taste to be so rounded and rich.

I ordered their Katsu curry rice set (Spicy). I like it, but it would mad if the sauce could be spicier. Their katsu (pork chop) is crispy on the outside, but the meat is still tender and juicy. Don't be too worried about their sauce being too sweet. There is some sweetness, but still savoury enough to suit Singaporean's taste bud.


For $12.90 lunch special set, you get to choose either miso soup or salad dressed in vinegette, a drink, and fruits. I love their katsu, thick and juicy. Their Katsu rice set has two pork chops and after pouring the sauce over the rice and meat, that is a very heavy lunch! Should go try during lunch since it is quite value for money especially of you love hainanese curry. Just one thing though, their ala cart menu is a bit on the high-end side.

Curry Favour can be found at Stanford House or Novena Sq.

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