Saturday, November 17, 2007

祸不单行, 福不双至

Glad to receive a lot of comforting encouragements from my close colleagues, but this time round, I am really very hurt.

Nope. I didn't pass it this time round (again and again). I don't know, maybe I shouldn't be driving. I don't see myself as a bad driver, but somehow I am just not fated to drive. Never in my life have I failed so many times in something that I have so much confidence in. I mean don't mentioned A-maths which I really don't like. I have never failed something so many times before. Even for my weaker subject like A-maths, I would work hard and study to make sure that I get the second time right or show improvements for it. For this, I really don't know what to do with it.

I managed to get all the technical skills right this time around, but failed because I nearly caused an accident as I wanted to make sure I didn't hit the curb on a narrow strip in the circult. Of course, immediate failure. 感觉很冤枉。。。No one can understand how I felt.

Cried very hard when tester told me I need to practise a little bit more. He looked very sorry for me and I have to say he is a very nice tester and have given me a lot of chances. I just feel very... I don't know can't explain, I don't deserve this. I have not recovered from it. That incident had left a very deep scar in my heart. My eyes would turn red and still cries this few days when I am in a taxi or start to think about it. I think I am getting some kind of phobia...

The instructor uncle feel very bad also. He told me don't give up. Go for the third one and he would book a fast date for me. 人家说祸不单行, 福不双至。我现在就这样了。。。 The ironic thing is my final theory test expired again. I would have to retake it. Sob Sob. If I passed that again, that would be my third final theory test. I have passed the first one on first attempt and it expired, so I took second one and passed on first attempt again. I can probably try to enter myself in the guiness book to be record holder for being the only one in Singapore to take and pass final theory test 3 times if I passed the third one. See how pathetic am I, what if I didn't pass? 那不是更冤枉? I seriously don't think I can take it. Sob Sob. . .

I never get to have things that I wanted badly... I know life is never fair, but God or whoever, can I just have an easier life? I am tired to have to work so hard to get things that I wanted and worse, after working so hard, I don't get it. sobbing hard~~!



cloudmuse said...

Where there's a will, there's a way. Work hard at it and try again. :)

日光。玉 said...

Hey, don't feel too demoralised. I can understand how it feels lah. Cos I am trying very hard at my driving too. Haa.. Maybe switch to Auto Transmission instead? If you get a car, you won't be getting a Manual one mah. So just take the MT lessons as lessons lor. Licence is for AT can le lah. Hugs. Jia You together!