Friday, November 2, 2007

Sick Trend and Defination of Fun

These three animals from UK asked the 67 year old man to ferry them in his trishaw. The poor old man had to cycle all three of them in his small trishaw for some distance. These three "insensitive" animals filmed the whole process of the ride and even uploaded it on youtube as they thought it was funny. The footage embedded below show them laughing and humiliating the old man throughout the ride.

After having enough fun, the animals later went off in a taxi without paying the old man a dollar. $10 SGD is only like $3.30 British Pound and they cannot even pay him that for his "camero" in their footage.

Later when interviewed, one of the animals only acknowledged that they are being insensitive, but not bullies.

I agreed. How can they be bullies when they are not even human?

Nowadays, there is this sick trend and defination of what is fun and funny. For example, there is this show on cable where young fools dare each other to do a lot of silly pranks and dangerous stunts for the sake of making each other laugh. There are no meaning at all in the show, neither can I spot any entertainment value in it, but young people just love it. It has become so popular that they even produced a movie on it.

I don't understand why bullying people, especially the old, weak or young, can be fun. I just don't understand why inflicting pain on oneself or others can be funny... ...

Are they educated at all? Are they humans at all?

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