Sunday, November 25, 2007

Doctors @ Lunch !

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor away...
Maybe that why, the shop don't have apples, so we see a bunch of doctors walking leisurely in for lunch acting as if we don't know they are doctors... Wait a minute, how do I know they are doctors? They are not nurses, they are not in uniform, so how do I know? Well...

Drop-jaw shocked, when I saw this bunch of doctors (male and female) walking into the restaurant with stethoscope hanging on their necks and some are holding it by hand!!! I don't know what is up with doctors these days. Maybe they have long forgotten about SARS, on how germs and virus can spread by contact. Or maybe they are too hardworking that they cannot rest during lunch. In case there are emergency cases along the way, they have to be ready.

Don't get me wrong, I don't despite doctors or nurses, just that lunching outside with stethoscope on them, is a very unhygenic and inconsiderate act. They are not lunching in the hospital compound, thus it is not necessary for them to bring it out what. I mean the stethoscope are not exactly sterilised clean and how often do doctors clean/sterilised them? The thing is practically every patients that comes in, doctors has to use it on them, so common sense do tell you that they might have germs and virus on it. If you wash your hands before lunch, then why would you want to bring something "dirty" out for lunch?

Even if they don't mind to have germs around them, but they have to be considerate to other diners what. It is so unhygenic ~! Luckily, I was already leaving and they are seating far away from me, otherwise I would not want to have doctors with stethoscope hanging on neck or in their hands dining besides me !

Also, they have to be responsible for their patients later too. Imagine, after lunch they are going to use the stethoscope on patients that they leave on chairs where there are a lot of germs or worse with food bits on it! How are they going to answer to them if anything happens? Faint~!

Doctors, may I suggest that next time if you want people to know you all are doctors out for lunch, just pin your name tag on your shirt will do, it is more hygienic that way. . .

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