Friday, November 16, 2007

Driving Test (Again)

Driving Test at 11.45 am later in the morning, but lesson starting at 8 am. Tired. Very Tired. If you are at Ubi area, look out for me.

Am I nervous? Not yet. The first time I wasn't nervous too cause silly me doesn't know what to expect, so nothing to be nervous about.

This time round, I am more afraid than nervous. Just by thinking about the amount of schools fees that I might lose again if I fail makes my heartache. Will Fly $$$ Fly ???

The first time round, I am disappointed with the test system and everything. It just doesn't make sense at all. Every one pretending to be following certain rules just so that they can pass. Then once passed and on the road, everyone drive maddly. So pretentious, can't stand it.

So, look out for my next posting on the results. If you like, you can start comforting me.

Off to ZzzzZzz.

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